Friday, July 10, 2009

I’d better Rain

I’ve busted my butt working ahead of this twice delayed cold front promising tons of rain water. Oh how disappointed I shall be if I have been lied to again.. Have thought about putting contract out on all weather guesser. Myself not one considering wasten anyone I just want some sort of low-down-dirty-trick to let’em remember me by.
My eye lids propped open Her Mostess had redirected me my promise to take Holly to the local doggy spa. I’ve no doubt but what I promised, but it was dirty low down deed to coerce me when I had been well into overly selecting what I didn’t want to hear, that’s sneaky.
Poor Holly came out looking so good, coat looking like it were car washed and waxed, and smelling oh so good. So self conscious she hid behind a bandanna. It wasn’t easy getting her picture.
The times cut close our dropping Holly by the house, scarcely home long enough for Her Mostess’s refreshing and my finding a bush, and we were on the road again my cutting our time close I had covered three miles in four minutes. It was another hour PT. Hooked up to electrodes, juiced, and turned on, only thing wound around was my arse. Nothing else had a lift in it. Got to admit though when I finished I supposedly felt better. Next thing was I had to much to do to worry about how good or bad I felt. I didn’t have time to wait and find out.
Conferring with the masses Sparky had volunteered to drive. Tom was going be enlisted to sooth Ugly’s rough running disposition. We were going to hit a hay field after lunch and bring it home somewhere, here or there? There won out. This went on mid-afternoon into evening. Giving into tired I called it. Bro” made his bottles,, I made my bottle. Calves fed it had been a day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Oh I can just see you taking a doggie to the beauty shop. Holly must look fine now.