Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7-15-o9 Sposed to be a rainy relaxing day

Bah humbug, As I had busted my arse last week to bale all the hay I had down before it were rained on. By the same token I busted my arse yesterday upon morning machine availability bring in hay and again all afternoon broadcasting fertilizer to get it all done before the rains we ain’t getting.
I wanna sue the media-illogical guessers for broadcasting untruths. Like it ain’t raining? I prepared for it, I worked for it, I wanted it! Weather I like it or whether not they should be held accountable….
Descending the stairs into the dungeon’s hold I feared not for I knew Herr Clink wouldn’t be getting to me here! Then after approaching the skinned drier it only took me 45 minutes to have it spread entirely all over the first dungeon cell floor. That even including looking up “replacing a dryer belt” repair, on third google page.
Then found “Kenmore” for my next internet stop. Lastly trying to 'member what I had seen up in the keep to do my any good around the corner from the winter active iron dragon in my morning‘s work cell.
Busted belt in hand I ascended the stairs to displace what Her Mostess had let break. I got no sympathy for that remark, but I wasn’t skilleted either if her machine were to see reassembly. (hehehehehe).
Right turn I headed for the near north side Flint for dryer part. Having to take a primary country road to at least cross the river I turned off soon after driving thru a county park to avoid one lane road construction further on. Surprise, surprise, just outside park road’s other end I run into a detour. Well, even so it weren’t as bad nor near as busy the first option I had still avoided a lot of waiting one way traffic. In Steve’s rebuilt appliance emporium at the back parts counter the man near knew what I wanted before I got there my old belt hand. Belt cost $11,95 on internet, $16.95 in person, if I’m going to make fix today, what’s an added cost inconvenience? Besides I wasn’t interested in wasting energies shopping around. I paid my money and was on my way home.
Ah shucks, I forgot to return fertilizer trailered box. Some worry whethered I’d get wet returning it… It’d been alright with me. Sure could use a good dousing to wash that root food into the soil.
Asked to come other end. I get there for nothing. Was wasted trip. I come back home, and put dryer back together remarkably with no parts left over. This reassembly I wanted to do with the help what little light comes in three basement high walled dungeon windows this part of this man's castle. One light bulb. That’s it. I never got a round tuit for the second ceiling light. As far as the dryer went not having seen the belts routing I was kind-a stumped for a few moments, gave it a rest. Poped a top on a beer. The mind lubricated the solution was easy. Didn’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. Just pass the belt through the idler bracket an loop the belt over the motor’s pulley.
Anything what bothers me is progress I can’t keep up with. I miss my Model “A” Ford and its steaming radiator cap. Open the side cowl vents, the windshield, I had instant air conditioning.
Afternoon I worked on converting WD45 back into a useful tractor around here. First up took three point drag, parked it and removed it. Then took three point off the WD45, and put drawbar on. Should-a took pictures. Didn’t think of it until now. Oh well. I want the WD45 freed up for AC hay rake when I get to second cutting alfalfa should that need arise. First immediate need is patch floor large sized gravity box I haul shelled corn home in.
Have tried encouraging a couple neighborhood kids to voluntarily help me out stacking my winter firewood. Oddly enough when they get sick in school or need a doctor I manage to either get them home or where they NEED to go. I guess they see there pay back time a wrongly inconvenience. Their parents excuses, “They’re just kids.” Funny isn’t it when I was 9-10 years old I was doing a day’s work everyday all summer long. Seemed to never run out of hoeing or harvesting. At aged 12 years I set a tractor plowing, disking, cultivating plus filled in with all I had learned to do earlier. I had learned to work ahead. Fall stacking wood after all the crops were in was a gas. One season was winding down for winter’s rest before the next new season blossomed. Chores and animals glad to see me made the winter days fly by. Their warmth was an unselfish bounty under a snow covered barn roof. Had I ever mentioned these were the same animals who’d come meet us our walking home from school spring and fall.
Did my chores, feeling tired, queasy stomach, and don’t want nothen but some setting time before shower and supper. Then it’ll be lights out regardless where the Sun’s hanging. BGKC.

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Paula said...

When I was growing up I did all manner of things for the neighbor women. They didn't mind asking and I didn't mind doing with no thought of pay. Not bragging that is just the way it was. Where or where did the good old days go.