Thursday, July 2, 2009

This weeks pet peeve

My favoright pet peeve this week end-tails my city cousins total disrespect the country cousins limited ability to take care everybody else’s dropped off pets off for feeding and keeping responsibilities. Turning down a litter everyday people seem to think farmers have unlimited recourses manage the degraded pets they can’t afford to keep fed. What an Ugly truck in the yard, half dozen old tractors, fifty cows in my back yard, they’d been misinformed.
I’ve one I’d like to name Alice and send her light colored calico butt to the moon. Under foot, totally demanding touch me not attitude, she’s been in my face yowling out her menu orders, just isn’t going over for me. She’s a pretty, untouchable, demanding feline kind I can well do without. To the moon Alice………….

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Paula said...

I know what you're saying here. John's daughter gets it all time and she and her mother can barely take care of themselves and their own dogs, cats, goats, and cows. They live in an out of the way country road where its easy to drop and not be seen. Speaking of Alice do you ever hear from our Alice here in blogs? I hope she is okay.