Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wakey, wakey.
It rained all night the night it started and right on into the morning, this very morning.
Coffee’s on, I’m strapped into the ice I’ve backed my carcass into a-sitting in my chair. While I wait, you may join me counting rain drops dripping off the eves while I contemplate today’s going’s on.
Sun’s making an eastern appearance, the skies are overcast to the west. What does this mean? More rain? The continued headache? What?
Look’s to me to be a fine day to lift my chair on a couple 2”x4”s. Ugly’s already holding the tools and bolts in a tool bucket for me. And, I may bring up the needed 2”x4” up from the barn the elevation as I‘m doing chores. I’ve turned the cow and calf loose, the cow employed to give my lawn that grazed crazed modern civilized look.
One a drippy, two a-drippy, three and four and more will a bucket make while we watch. Frieda’s hanging over my shoulder out and out laughing at me. For that when it’s filled I just may let her have it? Well, I can daylight dream, can’t I?
AND, then so much for a mini vacation. A couple hours later, it looks as if the sun’s out to stay. What a pretty (woik dreary) day this had turned out to be.
I was reminded of some my youthful high-schooling days when it seemed like I spent one of them years eating a lot of dill pickles.
I’d the mumps long before my higher edumacating adolescent days. But just the same I had days when my neck swelled so solidly full it had pitched my head to one side or the other, all of four times. Each time mom insisted I eat a great big fat almost a meal in itself dill pickle she’d made out of our gardens. They never bothered me like they should have had I really had the mumps. My having had the mumps in my childhood years we hardly expected their return during my high-school years. Son-of-a-gun, them incoming wisdom teeth took their combined times to take a whole month’s pain and agony coming in and settling down.
Woke uo to rain. Exited house in sunshine. Went to servicing rotary-conditioner and got rained of. Had lunch. Went back to work on RC and rain driven into shop’s shelter. Waited the rain out and finished the knives replacements and sharpenings. Finished up with a grease job and a spot of oil where needed. Had fuelled and topped off the tractor fluids. The whole outfit is now standing ready to go work tomorrow.
Tired of all this one-way chatter upon my part I’m gonna yield the floor to anyone the nerve to squeak up. };^)) BGKC
PS: I found my keys. How they had gotten to where I had found them I've no idear. They was in my hip pocket. All the rolling around I been doing these last days in the name of physical therapy. They must have slipped out of one pocket and slid right into the one on the backside my hip. (hahahaha)

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