Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catch up day

Likely poking my nose in where it don‘t belong I read this. In my mind it read to me like a child‘s observance’s the adult world. “I'm waiting for them to catch up with me someday. When we talk about once a year we always vow to get together when it gets cooler. Maybe we will this time but we probably won't.” Printed here in a optimistic look at pessimism‘s promise. ROFLMAO ((((((Paula))))))
Passing through misery my mind jarred I’m reminded my mom putting up 200 quarts tomatoes every year, year after year. I can’t remember a day we didn’t have tomatoes in one fashion or another either canned or fresh out of the garden. Icy cold out of the frig with sugar for dessert, heated and ladled over warm buttered bread seasoned with salt for another. There was her chili, goulash, tomato soup cut with Jersey cream (was better‘an Campbell’s) . or beef stew the potted lake held potatoes and carrots out of a sand pit. There were green fried tomatoes having swam in milk dried I flour or cornmeal or both. Those were the best eating days I can remember everything home grown including ham, beef, and if it didn’t lay an egg, chicken. We had jersey milk, fresh churned butter, cottage cheese what had hung over the bathtub when nobody was using it, and hand turned ice-cream made with hand with real vanilla added to skimmed cream, using chopped ice with salt on it to make a near as prettier and tasty a treat frozen cream as colorful.
I wonder whatever has happened to Alice, Loopy has gone fishing, and I’m wishing we could go for a drive up thru the thumb.
A Southern Bell continues making diaper bags.
An Orgamic lady’s already making with thanksgiving’s prayers. She worries me pushing the seasons? Have I missed that much summer? Have I missed turning the months over on my calendar. Gosh? What’ll I put on my Christmas want list besides wanting world peace and all our boys and girls back home?
Again, I’m just as tired as if I had put in a full wet day. I swear every time I stuck my neck out the door I got soaked to the skin. Lazy morning getting out for calf’s bottle it started raining. Then coming back in it quit raining. I head out down to the barn with a sack cat food it started raining. Then coming back in it quit raining. I go down to the barn o tidy up and it started raining. Then coming back in it quit raining. Sitting it out a spell I go out to move hay down the road to those ladies, that was my best soaking. Then coming back in it quit raining. Still later somebody suggested I go cut hay. I looked at sky and told him, “More rain’s coming.” well wait awhile. I had found fence what needed fixing. So, waiting going nowhere I headed out with Ollie and 1435 Roto-mower in tow. On arrival the hat field it started raining. A I/2” rain likely came down before a lucky ride came along. I mean Lucky. Given ride back to my Ugly waiting for me for drive home. Then coming back in it quit raining. I waited awhile before feeding calf, and when I did it rained again. Then coming back in it quit raining. I’m tired. Of what I’m not sure of? BGKC.
Food for thought
A pessimist is an optimist with experience.


Paula said...

Awww you gave me a hug. lol Yes I to am wondering where Alice is, Karen. and Janie. I thought they were our friends. They must be tied up over at Facebook and can't get away.

Fernan said...

What is "FaceBook?"
I don't cruse to much of the net. There just isn't time fore me.
I like, including Frieda, looking in on the delightful net neighbors replacing all those we'd lost when we moved back on the farm.
If by chance you may speak to her please let her know I miss her. My I add just between you and I I've questions I've liked to have asked her?
Looking forward to more of your adventures.......
Fernan };^))