Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So much going on.

Fillis’s birthday. Darned if her age ain’t making me feel old.
Grand-son-in-law kept me company while I did fenced enough ground for ladies perusal tomorrow (maybe?). Then all I had to do was get the hay bales hauled off two adjacent fields first. The bounty of one having to cross the second one first.
In the middle my rearranged and then augmented schedule I had to go other end for fence fixing. Argh…. Found three shorts. How my shorts ever got in that fence I’ll never know? That put me behinder here.
Coming back I had company of a bandit faced varmint taxied to its nearing end. Was going to show it to great grand daughter but they were all gone before I got back. (Sniff)
Nathan had said he’d liked to see some dear. The State Tourist Council didn’t disappoint him. He saw single by itself and
three in on bunch, yesterday afternoon. While riding shotgun fence he enjoyed another deer totally ignoring us while it grazed my only official hay field.
Great Grand daughter near wore me out swinging. Great grand son near pile driven my knee into the floor. What a wiggler, wanting to be on the go. Now I know where all my energy went. My own kids had sapped it all out of me.
Backtracking, Doc in Ann Arbor has written me off. He was the most delighted individual to see me, particularly when I thought his help had been significantly important to offer me some relief my pain as when I returned home, Doc George had me enrolled in some upper back and neck physical therapy. Going to PT I found and learned the true value of ice the useful benefit reducing muscular inflammation thus easing muscular mid-back pain. Wow! Most helpful. My headaches reduced some they still continued. But alas when the PT was over the full strength of the headaches had returned. More and more to do each day keeping me on my feet longer and longer hours my head remained free the walloping I thought were either so unjustly rewarded me for a deed yet undone or overlooked. Then a belated miracle befell me/my Frieda’s observances, she see’s me beset with these head stricken beatings each time I sit down. She reasoned further my headaches may stem from an old tailbone injury. A week end coming upon us there was no new confirming with Doc George. I researched the internet an found a word, coccyx. Further study I found any number of seat cushions available at varied exorbitant prices. Discussing my problem with a neighbor I’m redirected a supplier. The master of the estate taking me aside gave to me a rough piece of extra firm foam rubber. With it I fashioned a cushion with a vied cut removed from the middle back edge the. The next three days I immediately found a great measure of head pained relief. Seeing Doc George, x-rays confirmed Frieda’s diagnosis. My coccyx had been broken twice and haphazardly healed into a couple hap hazily bends or directions. I has been no wonder I haven’t had a beneficial wag of my tail for numbers of years. Pictures? Another night please. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I admire the way you can keep your sense of humor when in pain. guess the old saying applys here. Gotta laugh to keep from crying.