Friday, July 24, 2009


Things still damp from previous rains and some more is predicted maybe late today. Looks like a wet weekend. Thought is may have another whack at cutting hay Monday with still continued chance being rinsed next Tuesday.
Today looks like a catch-up day for the last two near off. Near sick of the inevitable weather related headache for one pain has been oh so un-measurably difficult to take this summer season. I wonder if rainy weather is as hard to physically take in a rain forest as it is on these northern flat lands? What I intentionally left slide yesterday I’ll have to take care of today. A bunch of fresh batteries setting around aren’t doing us any good. One for Ugly, two more for Frieda’s wheel chair. Darn it! Now I know what I forgot? A “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign for Frieda’s rea… …backsid… ...chair’s backend. I thimk I finally got that right. How is it I’ve got this feeling she’ll have it out on the road towards our daughter’s west and neighbors east.
Looking outside is no spirit lifter. As dreary a looking day if there was ever another nondescript road hazarding activity… …Hmm, thinking about it I should have picked up one of them high flying red flagged bicycle whip’s.
On child psychology:
One answerable solution to the terrible two’s. Frieda and I talking in reminiscent tones spoke this morning of child’s talk (vocabulary). How quickly they learn the first independence word “no” and then the other one “why.” The “why” word wasn’t a questionable inquiry word for our child (remember, we had seven of children). It was there all inclusive statement making sentence, “I don’t want to do that!” As parents to this was our the simple understandable stock response, cutting the chase, “Because I said so!”
Somewhere between two & three years of age our granddaughter had put on of her first sentences together when having wanted to come home with grandma became upset (mad even) when Grandma didn’t take her to the park a long block away. She asked for the phone. Grandma ahead of her dialed mommy’s number and handed the phone to Granddaughter. A moment or two passed, her mother answering, baby said, “Mommy! Daddy! Truck baby home!” That was the sentence clear enough and not forgotten.
Some fog and a heavy due laid all about and over everything. Down to the barn I dad tried to coax 1005 cow in with a little corn. Darn it the rest of the ladies just had to horn in and I lost the poor girl I wanted to bring the rest of her friends shoving/pushing her away from me. Next I reverted my time to cat feeding. I made up a bottle having to step lively saving myself getting calf run over. Eventually chasing the clock our wheeling left out of the driveway we headed for our PT. Frieda continues to enjoy hers. I don’t think it is helping me. I come out feeling hurt worse than if I had put my energy into my own kind of day.
Home I had to take the giant economy sized gravity box around the block making two elevators visits with Ugly the tow vehicle. Right back out on the road with the Cushman this time I was back to the last elevator dropping off clothing for the church and picking up weekend supplements at the same time. As the Cushman had its place in the barn relieving me moving those loaded sacks twice more It lived up to its ¼ton truck rating. From elevator with small implement trailer in tow I drove down to the other end. Replaced the wheel chair batteries, loaded chair and brought it home. Bro’ knowing a couple kids, two of the 4Hers, I’d got me help convincing 1005 to come in. I do hope we can save her. Keeping her in here, she’s her own worst enemy finding more ways to get out to be with the herd. Now I wish Bro’d come get her making me shed of her. She’ll fair better in a box stall than out here with these other healthier animals unmannerly competition.
Unloaded electric scooter, funarted around some, putting the Cushman inside, winding things up here it was back at shop. Worked on merely patching up a wooden gate what didn’t warrant a half a rebuild. A wood gate needs to be all or nothing. While I finished tha afternoon doing my thing Bro’ and Keith come, treated, took stool sample, and took 1005 away. Before I finished here we’ve had another shower, went out made gates right and tidied up after the thoughtless. Everybody else like little kids can’t seem to ever be able to pickup after themselves. I wonder who’ll do it after I’ve gone; and, I’ve been called lazy bones. Shucks I got to lay it down soon. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I'm thinking the same thing Fernan. Who is going to pick up after John after I am gone???