Thursday, July 16, 2009

They wont give up

Them weather imaginers don’t give up. All I saw, read, saw, and listened to last few days was all the rain we were going to get nite-for-last then all day yes-sir-day. Liar, liar, pants on fire. We merely got enough rain to wash a windshield let alone rinse it. Now I’m looking for that aged old weather question, “What’s next?” The devious messengers Are predicting some sort of maybe rain for six out of the next ten days.
Yeah, sure, Michigan got rain yesterday, in the upper peninsular at least 250 miles from here. What ever happen to local weather forecasting what often involves my reaction to it in my workday? The loco liars predict weather for a 500 mile front. They can say anything and be close to right anywhere along that line. For all the good they are anymore, any-less, I might just as well use the “Farmer’s Almanac.” Doing my own guessing the weather usual is four days nice, three day damp weather. Throw in reading the sunrises/sunsets would also be about as close an helpful indicator as the overpaid dreaming mystics.
That’s all I got to say about that again.
Relaxed do I or do I not have an eye on matters.
Well rested during physical therapy I finished my morning chores getting back before being shown and scouted another hay field desirous mown. Some around here suggested it might rain. Dumb suggestion. It’ll always might rain? So took to doing some barn carpentry. Closed a secret panel passage way in the back-in-side the barn and replaced tie rail along one side main gallery. Have a couple three more barn tasks to do. The new twin spear hay mover for the 4020JD finished I prime painted it. Getting past my rattler time, I took care, and did my chores. Called it a night.

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Paula said...

Maybe they would pay you to forecast the local weather. I'm thinking of applying here 'cause I know its gonna be hot.