Sunday, July 5, 2009


Knowing well time’s mysterious happening to leave open a potential accident possibility I too have felt the sting of a manure fork’s revenge having been pushed around on said concrete to very long. No idear how we managed, that fork and I, we were alone, one of us punctured a perfectly good almost new vinyl boot making it a dedicated leaker. At the same time that act got my foot into hot water for all of a week denying any goobled greening upon something out on a limb. To say the lest cleaning a stall that day made me sore.
Oh yeah, a vinyl boot can’t be patched, making anything of said material idealic landfill mountain building material.
Seeing an 88year old gentleman straddling a lawn tractor is inspiring. I hope I’m as agile as he when I’ve reached his given seniority. Myself the days are already here when in some-ways I don’t know whether it’s best to ramble backwards cheekily walking it onto the seat then swinging my lower limb over the engine cover; OR, the straight on approach usually missteping over the mower deck to once more place my foot upon the foot rest’s open stirrup to do the John Wayne thing exuding the manly art forward imaged mounting the 16 horsed machine….
You guys will do anything to lighten a machine to run it faster and further on less fuel relieving the poor over worked heart’s shade. This last act as some folk’s scrap anything for a fast junk buck!
I remember not the year, only the circumstance… The 4th had to have been the last day of that holiday extended weekend. It was mid afternoon, everything dad had on his doing list until was done must have been. It were celebration time. Rather then going thru the farm yard. One of us driving we rolled the old 10-20 McCormick Deereing. We went out the lower drive, the other end the farm’s vineyards, turned left and headed for Vietareny’s corners. There it were a $.85 wine. We might have even made a second trip for a refill. It was a day of continued instruction. Partaking of spirits was something acceptable in the light of work finished, work well done, work’s pride. I don’t remember if I had yet been issued a driver’s license (aged 14 yrs) we sat with our backs to an old apple tree passing first one bottle and then also the second.
My mom’s timing was right on, for about the time we had two dead soldiers lay in the grass between us, Mom arrived on the scene with the old ‘35 ford pickup. She dropped the tailgate, assisted each of us into the cargo box, closing that tail gate so’s we didn’t roll out. When/what next I knew that truck was backed upto Lake Michigan’s beach. What we were going to get was no supper without first taking a dip in said great big lake. It wasn’t easy but we made it to the waters edge and fell in. Oh Lord, it was wet. And that water got colder the ride home in back of said open truck before our clothes had dried.
Well wetted down, rinsed, so to speak, we were fashionably in our pajamas. E-gads what a son and his Dad had to do for a holiday’s supper.
It seems a shame when some folks can come along and trash an individual’s words. I put this deed right along with those dirty deeds performed by utility company employees piling their tree trimmings in the only hay field access opening. Or, how about all those trashed bedsprings, mattresses, other over stuffed furniture, tires on our property, plus the stinking renderings of ill gotten game.
A reasonably funny thread I’d started had also started to turn nasty. The shame is a small mind willed out over an assortment of open minds; and, that’s all I got to say.
Remember I said Palin wants to stay in the limelight. One today’s headlines, reads, “Palin Links Resignation to 'Higher Calling'.”
What now? She fixing to run for Pope?
PS: This imaginary thought like yesterday’s comment I daren’t put this comment upon an intended fun board. I’d bring out the argumentative “red necks.” “red neck’s” in this case undeserving even capital letters.
Oh shut it up!!!!
I've got 26 acres 2nd yr alfalfa cut and stubbornly drying. The weather hurters are beating their gum's to the tunes of almost guaranteed thunder showers. The hay so thick and heavy it could be Tuesday before following ideal drying conditions before it'll even be teaseingly dry enough to swing my tail bones into a baler's action. I see it taking three times longer baling than the three hours I took to cut it. Plus……
……Ouch! Could be Frieda may better find another ride to her half our combined physical therapy appointments. What gets me, those medical people already know better than interfere with my farming’s compulsory haying season. Real dunder heads. They’ve been repeat-ably told!!!!


Paula said...

The convience store in the next town over had to put signs up warning people about dumping leavings of wild hog hunts at night. People just have no respect for anything or anyone now days.

Kelly said...

Howdy Fern. :) I am not even going to try to catch up Junes posts here, I know I have missed a lot. I am trying to get back into blogging and visiting every blog I can as often as I can. I know if you can do it, I should be able to. I missed you, and thanks for stopping over, you know I would never forget ya...and glad you wouldnt forget me. :) XOXO Kelly