Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hayfever maybe

I’ve heard references to mythical fields of dreams. Is there any truth in some such references? Why I question? Yesterday I mowed a field of weeds. To wit I mean “weeds!” May an individual suffer the throws of hay fever without the sneezing and the running of fluids off an innocent nose. I ask this for within a couple hours free of the mown field my sinuses were filled, bagged and packed my suspecting this was or at least a contributor the latest cause of another headache. The new one laid on me yesterday is still with me. Waking this AM my nose is wet unlike Fido’s, but rather from the liken a faucet’s running from the inside out. My forehead aching and nose starting to run did I manage to receive a Mother Natures overdose of whatever it what may be the nucleolus of pollens. I wonder along this line as at no time did my cut smell like grass, alfalfa, nor sweet clover.
Vertical now for a morning’s half hour, whilst sorting my rattlers, my eyes took on a good bit of itch, the nose is more freely running, and some easing or over flowing the stuffed up sinus bags and passages. One more modified thought over the questionable presents of pain. Hayfever is a curse for there is no damaging cause to bring such an affliction upon and individual at any age, particularly in innocent children. I thought I had finally out grown it and now it would appear I’ll take it to my grave with me.
I tinkered some with my old lawn tractor. The abuse that poor tractor has been dealt it’s a wonder, believe me. I primed the carburetor and it started up and ran beautifully. One very big strike again-it mice had gotten into it three-four years ago and had chewed all the insulation off the longest sparkplug wire coming out of the coil. Why it runs is beyond me. Some oil, some, grease, some WD40, all these fluid skirted, dabbed, or pumped are loosening the machines joints up so it’ll be able to run on its own by the weekend. Bro’ even volunteered to straighten sharpen and balance the blades. All the paint havin’ fallen off, I’m seriously afraid to paint it. It may not be able to stand it!
Went back to the very field I had mown yesterday it took me two and one half times the time to bale it as it did to cut it. That’s including getting all the way up to three MPH a couple times. Was slow going if I wanted to stay on the tractor. I still got home in time to see the sun go down. I’m bushed. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Lots of things around here to make us sneeze and snort.