Saturday, August 1, 2009

August already

Holy smokes the summer’s sure over half gone now. With the end of July, it’s official with us kids. Think of it, the year‘s over half gone also. Our county fair ain’t but a couple weeks away. But I will survive.
Shucks, what’d I do today? The usual chores that’s always for sure. Nothing exciting here to get into I went down to the shop. Finished putting that soundly running derelict lawn tractor together. A spring I hadn’t the slightest idear how I was going to ever get it back on, it came to me. Start one end just as if I knew what I was doing. Then I gathered up a piece of electrical conduit about a short 4’ long. I put on end on the spring’s unattached end, leaned on it, and before I realized I had done it the odd end out was secured over its hanger. Everything else was elemental. Moe “ele” than “mental.” Last thing up was the mower deck. That took a little more persuading also. Not like that spring. With the machine hanging 45* off the ceiling, say, I employed the old alligator jack slipping it under the hind part of the flopped deck. A little coaxing this-a-way’n’that I theoretically got it hooked up to the chassis my way. The belts were they should be the heart of the machine was looking good. I lowered it to the floor. Put the battery in it again. Climbed aboard an it started. That rusty looking poor old contraption aught to have a name of it’s own. I’m thinking Brownie. Should have done that naming part a long time ago. I just didn’t see it then.
About the time that tractor’s engine came alive here came Chip around the bend. And he had promised to faithfully help me earlier this very morning. I scarcely pulled my LT out of the shop Chip had his LT moved in and hanging right where moments ago I had taken Brownie down. {:^) he did a fine job BS-ing me. As long as his great big fancy LT was but hanging around then he’s wanting to use Brownie to mow all the lawns. {:^)
The broken hay wagon fixed, reloaded, and brought home, the 4010 taken down the road for second cutting preparations, the trying to make fix a four way switch failed, the factory new assembly installed on tractor for baler tier, and my bringing the 4020 home with hay in tow helped rounded out my day as I did my evening chores.
Now it is past my bed time; and, I wonder where did the day go? BGKC

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Paula said...

You can always figure a way, can't you Fernan?