Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 8-23-o9 Another laid back day

Three fields cut: one clover, one grass, and one alfalfa; all of them rinsed off over night. Argh!
Need to sharpen mower blades for last alfalfa field's cuts. Then start baling (supposed) clover and grass cuts, haul and wrap?
Otherwise it's just another laid back day. Or was going to be. the rain has changed all working plans.
Neighbor reports four non-forecasted rain showers since 5:00 AM. Shame she wasn’t up at 3:00 AM to count one about that time. Deeply depressed my thoughts have been turned to winter preparedness. First things first on my list winter wear to keep our body and soul warm. Last winter a colder than average one, I expect the weather will be up to either matching or better’an the cold of last winter. I’ve taken it upon myself to look into furs to keep my spouse warm first seeing to it she comes first. Maybe something in possum fur?
“Did you ever wonder why?”
I see words "love" and "like" preceding my comment. My thinking about answering this question puts me on a very different plain. Unattached to worldly things what hold no value to me, life is the most precious gift givin’ any living soul. My use of the word “like” I use as in I like it best either getting or coming home. My use of the word love to me is an undivided devotion to my soul mate. For it was in finding her I knew within hours for why I was born. So deep is this emotion in me I love only her as well all our children we raised. I like ice-cream anytime and I liked a particular truck I had driven over a half million miles for 25 some years. But it is in my precious Frieda’s life I love for it is whenever/wherever we are together at any given time/place we’re home. So what it is I like most is coming home for the universal love I share with mine one of a kind Frieda. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Usually when I say I love something it means I really like it a lot. I think there are two different ways to say love and I always think people know which I mean. Oh this is getting too complicated. Like, Paula