Thursday, August 27, 2009

8-26-o9 Sucked

My whole day sucked and it sitts right out here in the front west pasture waiting for me. Balderdash!!!!
Yesterday started out okay, I a-woke for another one. And it covered with more rain. Whooppee! Frieda had a eye check-up appointment we both forgot. Doc called inquiring our health. Bottom line she could still get her in if we picked it up a little. My thought? Her parking lot was about empty. The Michigan economy so bad people are going longer stretches between eye glasses. Michigan Medicare has quit paying them. Ouch! That was a hundred dollar and change bite for her new specks. Leaving there it had quit raining. Swung by eastern satellite hay field for load hay. Loading went well. Drive home lost unknowingly lost air in a rear most wagon tire. Never felt the let down. By time I rolled in drive had an unrecognizable tire wrapped around rear axel and one worn down rime. And no spare. Borrowed tire/wheel assembly from neighbor. To finish bringing that load in. When wrapped, Bro and I set out with implement trailer and wagon in tow for satellite field. Fourteen bales on implement trailer, hay wagon loaded eleven bales another on the loader forks these bales were brought in. That 8x16 rim is going to be a bugger to find. While driving about the country have had several thoughts where may have one either farm scrap yard or implement dealer. Hanging around long enough to load again plastic wrap aboard the bale wrapper. Chip filling in for me, I split. Primary reason bringing hay home I needed loader for feeding the ladies in the hollow. And another then, more rain forecast, I needed to bale last presently cut hayfield outback. Half the field baled the cussed baler became constipated. I worked on it until fading light made it difficult to see and I had my chores. Soooo, in a few minutes I have to get back out and finish working out the baler’s relief.
While doing all the afore mentioned, I had to put up with goose hunters bugging me for permission hunting slips. I don’t want to be bothered. Three gates to get anywhere. Livestock in any one of the pastures. No time to oversee nor check upon sportsmen behaviors, I haven’t either the time or inclination to be bothered. My days are already full enough without anymore favoring. Kid down the road who was supposed to clean up an area and stack my firewood. He did half the job and thought I should have been there to pay him right away? Hmmm, when he finishes the job???? Plus having to slow or stop for deer crossings. Goose counts and turkeys strutting their stuff down the roads and across fields. If I had anymore to do???? And, I’m already burning daylight. BGKC.

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