Sunday, August 16, 2009

8-16-o9 I know it’s Sunday?

Backing the tractor up here. I baled hay morning, baled hay early afternoon, broke a baler connecting rod, hauled hay late afternoon, rod fixed baled hay evening until dark yesterday…...
As I was going to bale hay I got soaked to the skin in rain in-stead. Rain cleared for the first time I set up for a short grind. Why a short grind? I only had so much grain. Did lunch. Hauled in more hay and wrapped it. Then went back to hay baling, that finished, loaded and hauled the last of this week’s haying effort and wrapped it.
Day’s accomplishments; I’m so tied even my face hurts. Tried wearing my back brace this morning only to have it come undone and fall down around my knees inside my bibs. Revolting! Still later while wrapping the hay bales one foot stepped on the top end one folded weed my other foot moving forward catch that weighted down weed I tripped on crashing myself to the earth. What a revolting development that was. Sure glad to get in this evening. Had I had to walk a sober straight line, my swaggering dead beat tiredness in my way I’d needed a drink to have even tightened me up. BGKC.

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