Tuesday, August 4, 2009

and life goes on

I went alone PT. Insurance all fowled up, I had to pay for Frieda’s meds. Fed the ladies. Did my chores. Had short chat with an attractive neighbor lady. Tuned in the internet for a short spell. Wrote my piece about my fondness for BEES. I put the Polaris Ranger up on stands. Tried again to fix Fillis’s dryer. Parts man wants more info than machine has printed on it or I’m missing something. Major Bummer! Went shopping with Fillis. Had good time in Crossroads VG’s Supermarket.
Saw smoke rising north by northwest of us. Fillis and I started chasing fire engines. Never caught up with them. Stopped by friends house for his business card. I could have been hanged for having forgotten his name. I remembered part of it in time. He gave more as we shook hands. Fire still some distance away we dropped our chase hearing engines running the roads just another mile from our stop. Had to have been a whooper of a fire they had to use tanker engines to haul water into Clio. Getting home Frieda said it had come over the news, Webster & Garner was on fire. I-carumba, They’s our farm and homes gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and propane fuel supplier. Holy smokes, what’s more, they’s a local tank farm among other things. Warehouses, retail outlet, propane supply depot and filling station.
AND, lastly opened me a Fuzzy Navel. I’m not sure I know what it is. I sure know it is tasty and smoother than soda pop. BGKC.

Opps PS: I'll add more to the Bees statement another night....hic
Oh yeah PS: Woke up painlessly and remained so all day. Beginning to wonder can life really be this good? I wish Frieda could join me!


Paula said...

I wish Frieda could join you too. Good luck to you both.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Fuzzy Navels, good God man, don't they sell those in the beer section?