Thursday, August 20, 2009

8-19-o9 What a Grind

What was only going to take roughly an hour to do took us (Tom and I) near all day to complete. Setting up the grind his hog grain went a normal. Starting the grinder mixer into motion all was going supposedly fine until I noticed a most unusual vibration taking over the entire machine. Sound effects added to the mix, all of a sudden Tom and I were running to shut things down.
Machine stopped shelled corn flow stopped, we started looking for whatever it was that was coming apart. I visioned a major breakdown involving major repair. Whew, it were a simple slip of a sprocket upon a drive shaft missing a simple woodruff key. Whew! We commenced to take things apart. As the machine was partially loaded, our unable to take the repair links apart in the chain drives we opted loosening take up sprockets to slip the chains off. Needing more tools than available in the field tool box required a part and tool run.
Even with more tools we run up again the need for a bit of heat to remove one of four stubborn set screws. It was in my mind, “To Hell with it. We just took the whole assembly down to the shop. The tractor could stand a servicing anyway!” One thing leading to another we had to loosen the entire grinder-mixer drive train. A pulley-flywheel bearing had slipped out of place when I hadn’t been looking.
Before we were done we’d checked fluids filling where needed to proper levels, all of them! Greased and oiled where necessary the g-m and tractor. The tractor ignition switch has been giving me some trouble. To fix my home made key, it merely needed a bit of filling to clean up its use.
After being out in the airless day in the sun all day, It was a well heated hour past my rattler time, ipostponing supper until sundown. I was so over heatedly pooped more’an a couple hours past beer thirty, while I had one late it didn’t go down as good as I’d have liked. So, this was just another day in Shorthorn country.

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