Sunday, August 30, 2009

8-29-o9 Sexy?

My head gear. Sexy?
Hmm, While I’ve never owned up to being sexy, I will admit I’ve had many ladies follow me in droves. Can’t tell how many times it’s been a curse though?
Weather's changeable here. woke up to deck drying off last night's rains. Worked inside shop packaging bulk motor oil in smaller handier cans. It's been cold and damp all the time I was inside. That job finished ready to do something outside the weather's changed. It'd changed to a cold rain out there.
Got my butt chewed on (so to speak) twice by the ladies. Had forgot to deliver vittles to the mob down he street. These backyard guys out here called me a Svengali, when I tried talking them into fresh pasture, instead of checking my words out, all their mouths open they wagged their tongues at me. I didn't get a single ThankYou for getting anything right this AM.
Frieda’s decided she’s cold. Wants a wood fire in the wood stove. Yeah sure. I only’ve got an idea where the woodstove’s at. All I got to do is follow the stovepipe down from the ceiling. Going to be nothing to it? What am I saying? It’s still August, not September! Could be she likely become Herr Clink if I’m not exactly timely in fulfilling her wish?

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Paula said...

Wish I could send Frieda some heat and you could save your wood.