Thursday, August 20, 2009

My life’s management

I've had all the tests, had all the doctors and fishy sturgeons, and had all the cross sectioned pictures taken without and with of-course a couple different additives.

I've had my medical history questioned/recorded, I've had my medication history questioned/recorded, I've had my life’s accident/recovery’s questioned/recorded I've had my rather different lifestyle questioned/recorded, and it has been Her Mostess who's observations what have been closest to the mark a many my ills.

Then take all what has been questioned/recorded in the immediate proceeding paragraph being ignored by all but one doctor I’ve been repeatedly medically overdosed until I had my medications and habits totaled totally gone over by my original cornered care giver and a pharmacist’s pharmacist together analyzed and cutting my medications by 2/3ed’s was I set on a better/easier going life living path. The buzzies were gone.

Okay, I’m on routine daily explosive nitroglycerin, on a daily rat killing poison, and a high detergent extract slipper-ing additive; my O2 carburetion has been (questionably) taken care of. As for the head and body pains the main frame alignments and suspensions studied most clearly by Her Mostess’s observations and end resulting suggestions have relieved me my pains. A bench dropped sacroiliac chiropractor alignment and a notched cushion under my seating has relived musculer sent massages aching my head.

Why I’m still here? First by the grace of a wife who wasn’t about to loose a perfectly good husband (her words), while I impatiently looked after my physical fitness life styling, she’s looked to my oat filled, wheat lacked, diet. The oats have cut our bad cholesterols to near most manageable medication free levels, through oatmeal hot cereals, rolled oat cold cereals, and oatmeal breads. Glutens cut by eliminating white wheat breads, pasta, polished rice, pastries. What consumption’s have been quietly beneficial? Includes a ‘E’ vitamin rich in Lutrein to save my sight, the bee’s honey replacement for sugar plus a tied on surgical mask have drastically relieved hay fever symptomatic‘s.

If any bit or part of this is of benefit to anyone, it was worth my time to write it.
Sorrily enough I’ve resigned myself to about to loose a son to his insane compulsion to drink Mountain Dew around the clock destroying his stomach, and intestines. I tried bringing him up right having had to give up any control over his life the day he moved out refusing do anything around the house his first job laid off unemployment insured days.
Independently wealthy on the dole he’ll leave nothing to his widow and children. How the oldest son will ever suport his dope habit is beyond me?

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