Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ding Dong

Grass and alfalfa done for now.
After a bout of stubbornness between the baler and myself I had finally worked its constipation out. Finished these field’s baling. Then hauled and wrapped. Pretty well filled my day.

Grass and legume's harvesting going on hold for a spell. This has been the most phenomenal hayfield for 25-30 years. Planted so long ago nobody remembers the year. First cut this five acres yielded 42 5'x5' 50/50* hay bales (recent record cut). This second cut has yielded 22 4'x5' 50/50 hay bales. Glad this is over, for now.


All this baled, hauled and wrapped today after working out the goofy baler's constipation.
About to start allover again mow-conditioning sudex in a couple days. Just as soon as we can figure out the weather patterns. Will need three-four days dry-down time to 50% moisture before silage wrap.
*50/50 meaning half grass/half alfalfa mix hay.
It's got to be beer:30 even in Shorthorn country, Just as soon's the chores over. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Hope you made sure the chores were over before you started the beer guzzling.