Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Summer?

Fall three wks away It’s just to cold for summer’s last days.
I had a time picking out my wardrobe morning last. Extra cotton flannel shyrt didn't do it. Fleece lined shyrt definitely to much fo it. Lined wool shyrt still to much. Simple wool flannel was good for an hour or two. Had even entertained idea looking at barnyard tux.
Don't know about today? With variable winds, working fields from on tractor back, sitting on my aorta with no exercise its gonna be another cool day in the shade.
I’ve decided there has to be a summit meeting day around here. To many people want me in their corners all at the same time. Frieda needs me, her breaking into tears every other time she gets to her feet. She needs driven to and from physical therapy three times the week. Bro’ needs me setting him up time and time again so he can do all the work. Nobody services the equipment around here as completely as I do. I’ve likely got my last and longest weather window to get in this winter’s hay. And, Chip’s complaining he’s cutting wood for three households. I never asked him to, he also wants my undivided attention.
My only two week lightened work load time I had all summer, I got to waste it upon a dog Frieda just had to have, biting me leaving sitting in a healing mode for that two weeks. So I got not one door replacement need taken care of. And I’m saddled with more and more housework everyday. Some how, some way, some of my priorities need addressing.
While it’s the AM I’m writing these words of encouragement for my urinal. It seems anymore the only peace I ever enjoy anymore it’s from the seated top backside of a tractor where on I can neither hear the ringing or feel the vibrations my cell phone nor am I having to deal eye to eye with everybody else’s top priorities. I’m looking forward to another crappy day I haven’t talked about in the past. And now that my dark side is coming out without so much as smile on even one lip….. Anybody don’t like it…..
A mom’s a mom, a mom
Having finally taken to brake into the sudex, in the hollow, my first pass around the field I had seen the head of a dear each time it had leaped after leap to cross the width of the field. That was only the opening scene. Having made two full rounds, into my third, the racket my machinery was making frightened and started a faun to bolt out of the uncut sudex ahead on me. The poor creature took but liking a couple airborne side steps before it darted into sudex standing on the larger part of these fields. I made another round and again a faun jumped out of the sudex ahead of me, a second faun I believe, this time running left, stopping confused, turning and running the other. Stopping it looked back, caught sight of my machinery and jumped into the standing sudex as this one or another had done so only minutes before. I made two more rounds and here come a doe, had to be mom to my suspected twins. Paying little attention to me she hastily move back and forth between the very places the fauns had jumped out from. She had a look of calling, she had a look of concern, she looked as though she’d lost her valuables. My closing the space between us she ran ahead of me eventually to disappear within the brush adjacent to Handy’s home. I had seen her three more times before I may only assume she’d given up looking for her off-spring until after I’d be gone. I saw rabbits bounding about in varied states of bewilderment, hopping this direction and that to escape my closing or frightening horrors upon them their safety of life and limbs.
Getting home I spied ever increasing numbers of geese taking up overnight accommodations on our pastures. A nuscience really save for I could enjoy a couple filleted breasts. There were more goings on to day. A trip to the scrap-yard for a$.07/pound salvaged steel. finding my tobacco pouch in Cushman down in the barn. There was the finding a short in the log splitter’s electronic ignition to have fixed. And a mired number of other little inconsequence activities. While I was rotary-conditioning sudex I remembered where I had used my ¼” drive socket wrench set. Plus while I couldn’t get them all together, so individually I had a number of smaller summit meeting with a few of the principles. BGKC.

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