Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9-1-o9 September already…..

….and I got to make hay.
Frieda elected to stay home. I went out back splitting wood. Cell phone call Bro’s getting to it. Time to put up log-splitter and unload implement trailer the steel we brought home the day before. Will need that trailer later in the day. Morning used up, a quick lunch It was haying time. It was while unloading trailer I filled two cans with diesel. Forgot to put it in tractor. I get so disgusted with the short term memory thing. A couple rounds baling the field I dip sticked the fuel tank. Yup, I needed that fuel left back home. Hitching a ride I managed to take truck to field and fueled tractor. Taking short break, Tom going with we came back home swapping ugly off for two more tractors, the rotary-mower, and loader tractor with a wagon in tow. As I baled to clear the head lands Tom impatiently waited his turn with a tractor. When finally clearing one of the quarters I spoke of previously, with some instruction I got Tom Mowing that first quarter. I went onto the next. Now’n’then either Tom or I loaded wagons for Bro and Chip’s hauling and wrapping.
Oddly enough when a dew started settling The baler plugged. Argh! I cleared it taking off again. Got another plug immediately. Aarrgghh! Cleared a second time, putting machines in motion once more, the baler once more, did it again another third time plug. Arrggghhhh! This time going at it clearing it for the third time in a row I cut a finger. Arrggghhhhh!!!!!! Little more than a scratch I bleed as if I had cut it off. Getting late, loosing my patients, having a bloody hand to contend with I quit it, and parked the tractor up closer to this property’s farmyard, Dipped the fuel tank to find it almost out it was quiting time. Sundown was only a half hour away. While if the baler hadn’t plugged I’d have had a chance at finishing the baling I’d have run out of fuel first. I never saw that last hour in the cards.
Took a half hour to cleanse finger with hydrogen peroxide, bloodied a couple-three compresses, applied prescription strength neosporun(?) ointment, Taped the finger shut, and put ice on it. By then it was getting dark. AND, I’m calling for a new deck for Wednesday! Hope you all Been Good Kind and Careful.

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Paula said...

Tryin' to be good kind and careful. You too.