Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some recent Activity Pics

Tom preparing spreader for broadcasting part of 650 tons lime on this field.
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Half the over zealous firewood mess as of a couple days ago. 1st pic.

Checking fences, making fixes, reprogramming fences this morning, before turning the ladies out, I encountered these guys.
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Leaving these guys unmolested I carefully lowered my bright jug marker back down over my “T” post corner post.

Firewood mess as of this Sunday evening.. 2nd pic.
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About one half wood-hauler trailer load firewood left at sundown for tomorrow’s haling away. Three more batches tree cuttings around farm house yard and all the wood cut thus far will be processed and stacked away.
Other than chores, I begrudgingly continued participating in cutting, splitting, and hauling wood, and at it as long as I’ve been, it has just been another mundane day. One more day tidying it all up and I’m through. I hate having crap pressed on me when I’ve so damned much else to do. And I mean it as crap as it’s an unscheduled activity. I’ve tried fixing fence time and again with some jerk coming along and upsetting my order of things. Those things needing my attention are in my mind arranged in an order of importance. Not some dumb ass coming along forcing my involvement in an unnecessary thoughtless act to correct a needless mistake or an obviously un-counseled blunder.
Well the intrusion into my space is near over and hopefully I’ve complained enough I’ve gotten some very large wrongs a-cross the populous.
Enough ranting for this day. Now I got to work up another new one. :^)


Donna said...

Well, you'll be glad to know Cliff is drooling over that big tractor.

Paula said...

I know lime is supposed to be good for fleas in the yard but if I may ask what is it for in the field?