Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It’s still hot and……

….Disgustingly humid. 1:30 AM and I’m going to have a beer. No, not for breaking fast liquid meal; although I could drop a corn flake in it and call it breakfast. It’s more for a relaxant so’s to return me to dreamland. Be damned if I ain’t sweating my butt off in the middle of a cool fall night? Figure!
Just checked the temperature. It’s an unbelievable 73*, humidity over 70%. Sheesh, I’ve been swimming in my own perspiration.
AND, I’ve just opened a Fuzzy Navel beer. Sure is tasty and I’m afraid I could become addicted. Oh well, I haven’t had one since Sunday afternoon. Doc has prescribed I drink three beers each on three separate day’s a week. (hehe) I wonder if a middle of the night brew counts? (hehe)
Talk among my neighbors, they’re predicting an early winter. How is this so when a fall’s frost isn’t anywhere near on time. Ten day forecast suggests no such early morning temperatures during all those ten days. I might believe a snowier and colder winter. Yup, that I can believe following the planets positioning and history’s recorded seasonal 7, 11, and 21 year weather cycles. I guess we’ll all see.
Oh had finally gotten the YT MF board to accept my Massey Ferguson part inquiry. Makes no sense? I didn’t hold my nose any differently when I cut and pasted it yesterday over lunch? I must add, picture posting on the YT Boards has changed a bit?
Morning’s first words for today……
We soaked up a whole inch of rain water here yesterday and thankful for it. I don't know how those southern folks squeegee a couple feet water off their driveways with cars and pickup truck a-sitting in the way.

What a mess to clean up going into fall.
What a mess to clean at up any time.
Glad all I got to worry about is keeping my firewood dry.

Predictor is talking rain about every other day average over us next few days. Could it be we're in for mid-October rains early this year?

Looked like a good day for slitting firewood.
Split wood for six hours using a gasoline engine driven hydraulic log splitter. Gone those days the sledge and wedges or monster mall, like days of old, making this task an easy one. When we had six hours in and a couple gallons of gas spent into the day, neither Tom or I held any reserve energy to continue what I might have gone at twice as long just a couple/three decades ago. But we sure made a pile of readied firewood for hauling and stacking today.
Getting dark ever earlier every night, trying to stay ahead of sundown isn’t easy. Handy had asked of me to take him over to the Crossroads for his mother’s prescription. Sheesh! I got back just in time to avoid driving the twilight zone let alone in the ensuing darkness.
Pooped beyond reason I’m even pulling my plug early again tonight. BGKC.

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