Friday, September 25, 2009

Been so tired

I’ve been so tired lately…ZZZZZZZZZZ
Unable to take any more Frieda’s nagging yesterday her wanting to go shopping, we loaded up and went shortly after I realized my back couldn’t even take the bending over to merely pick up another load firewood. Frieda had several senior citizen WIC coupon books to spend on Michigan farm products (produce). Leaving so late in the afternoon there wasn’t but one produce market stop some seven miles from here, still well out of the City Flint. Then it was further on another couple more miles for some bargained cat food to last out the month.
It’s a case our being caught within so much of the month left at the end of the money. Finances are down to remaining funds left reserved for petrol. Balderdash!
Unbelievably my having made the stop I had planned in my Frieda’s itinerary I found myself interfaculty staying awake. This required my engaging her in some weird and varied conversation. Myself put into an over loaded situation with the pasture clean up so I may yet get the ladies back out on it once more before winter sets in, I spoke of an inevitable end. “Frieda,” I had said, “be prepared to wake up some morning and find I’m cold.” After that mind and eye opening remark we spoke of many related topics. Body donations for science or student study. We spoke of organ donation. My organs would likely be unacceptable my having had Hepatitis. She doubts her’s would by either her association with me? Hmmm, is this a belated sign we haven’t been good for each other? ;^)
Folks had five acre vineyard. We waited first frost So's sugar content could be as high as it would ever get and then not lose the juice. From that morning on we had three days to get that harvest off the vines setting the lugs squarely on the ground in the middle of the arbors for Farmall "A" and Dad's homemade trailer to drive over them for loading out lugs come the twilight zone. First thing following morning before frost was off, in Dad’s 1935 Ford pickup, we were at winery for sugar content test. 12% sugar and better brought the real money.
Added kid bonus, if it were an early weekday, I got to stay home for the picking even thought it were an all cheeky and elbows situation in the vineyard. Wasn’t to bad as I got to see a many an old blueracer friends (snakes) laying upon the arbors top wires soaking up the sun. From their marks we had even named a couple of them Homer and Howard. They were a gas as they even followed our activities moving along that top wire following us along on the vines. They even let us pet them. They were an awesome five/six feet in length with at least a six, maybe seven inch, inch girth. Beautiful animals.
Been an easier day taking all what was left of the morning to put the lithium grease in that 2150’s MFWD hub. Ray thought it’d just easily squirt right into the hub. Wrong-o! I had to glean out a standard grease gun, pack it with the white grease and then pump it in. What a mess. I had to grind today. That was only a five bag grind instead of the typically seven bag. Went around the block for refreshed supply shelled corn and weigh slip. Then broke for a refreshing Beer before going out for another load firewood. I didn’t want it. I needed it. The beer I mean. Hmmm. Be even better another one these days when I want a beer without needing it. Still admittedly it was good going down.
Earlier in the day I had told Chip I’d catch up with him late this afternoon when I had caught up the rest of my responsibilities. It would seem as I was stepping out my door up the road was a-coming Tom with 2150 and lime spreader. Oh oh! Tom, the tractor parked, approached me explaining he needed a shear pin for the lime spreader. While he tried wishing one out of my toolbox I insisted we’d have to either go for one at the elevator or down to the shop. In ugly truck, diamonds falling out of the driver’s door and spouting a real guttural sound one of the mufflers having fallen off I steered us to the elevator as it was closest.
The spreader fixed, the spreader near empty, or Tom near finished with no time enough to go for another load would be ready for a ride shortly at that time. Okay, I’d run a bale of hay to the ladies in the hollow. That way Tom and I could each finish something at the same time in the same place, making it handy my taking him home. On the drive it came to me to rename Ugly clearly printing Harley Davison on each side and let Ugly to just continue barking hence this day forward. At least I had some accomplishments before my trying to slip out back for a load of firewood. It was getting to late in the day making myself a long ways from an eager machine operator of any kind. As it happened I got outback at that moment Chip was about fixed to pull out. He‘d cut up the last log in the way during my delayed absence in way of the fence and loaded out his truck with a firewood load. I backed in and we loaded my wood hauler trailer.
Best part of the evening was two more loads firewood stacked beside the deck. That makes almost two full cords. Three more loads handily stacked the rest’ll go out beside the fence where I had originally started my yearly firewood storage area.
Another beer while I unloaded truck and trailer, stuffed cabbages for supper, watermelon for desert; I’m one full bellied fat-cat. So please just let me find some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz‘s. Cause I’m ready. BGKC.

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Donna said...

Fern, once again I need your help because Cliff wants to know how envious he must be. List all your tractors; I'm not sure, but I think you are in Cliff's idea of heaven! I'll make sure he reads the post if you list them all.