Tuesday, September 29, 2009

make up day

Hye! Gonna be a cold winter? Unseasonably warm here. haven’t seen an official frost although they has been the rare and wide spread low lying single acred spots. Weird?

What makes t cold around her is the bone chilling humidity. Needing the fire to dry out more than warm up. BUTT warming up is good! Was a time it was even better.

Might have tidied up MY season's wood cutting yesterday if we hadn't gotten rained out. Although we sure managed to close Ugly's pneumonia hole (driver's door window). Still have to help Tom cut up and split his log pile into firewood. Gotta get at that soon even if we don't finish it in one swell swoop.

Joe, Don't be pushing it. I've known the irritability coming along re-cooperation. When Shiner (2400# bull) broke my femur, the pain was excruciating. Don't know what I'd done without Kim hauling my pain in the arse back and forth to the hosspiitle. Grand it was when I managed to back across my truck seat just to have at least one coffee a week with anybody (who didn't run from me), Or to the library to drive the librarian nuts.

Was so glad I had opted for the rifle barrel and all the nuts and bolts hardware to hold it and me all together. Perhaps the Hoffman device might have been less painful? I don't know how I’d have handled my whole limp in a spit just a looking for a rotisserie motored ride over a hot fire?
Where do I get my titles and have them make no sense. Well, I most often start my journal entry on waking up to a quiet house. Most of the time I try imagining what I’ll be doing for at least part of the day so there’d be some correlation. Sometimes it has to do with a thought or memory I wrestled with during the night or something coming to light with the turning on the morning TV news. And most encouraging of all somebody else’s thought stimulating my own feeble-ing mind. Now that you know how it is I figure it wont do much to help your understanding me but I’ve tried. (hehehe)
Son of a Gun…. After I’m physically, mentally and emotionally spent here comes the sun out at 5:37 PM. I’d already called a damp day doing what I had managed to get done. The fence still needs the fix what was interrupted four or five days ago. I’ve unloaded and stacked more firewood. Created another pile split farmyard firewood for stacking. I’ve split yet another barnyard tree readied for pick-up, toting and stacking. And there still remains one last orphaned wood pile in the pasture to bring up and put away. THEN, maybe, just maybe, I can get back to what I wanted to do days perhaps even weeks ago. One absolute phenomena I’ve found working alone, nobody but nobody offered to assist in splitting, hauling, nor stacking some very green mulberry wood what yet needs three more years seasoning before it’ll burn on its own without help. Uh ugh! {:^)
Lawd, coming in from outside, hit the built up heat within these walls had honored me with the headache I didn’t know I had sported all day. Weatherman has suggested our looking forward to a frost freeze drifting in over us from up Minnesota way for tomorrow night.
Comfortably sitting by the fire in my skin, the phone rings, “My fence is completely dead.” says Ray. Just what I needed to hear. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to get rain soaked to skin to redress a second start for a much shorter day’s stint.
What a mess. The primary feed line was broken. I don’t even want to think about what must really be done with that but it were patched for tonight. Secondly somebody had let a gate go unsecured to swing in the breezes until it had done a superb job shorting the live wire to a woven fence with a steel bar in that gate what held the planks together.
Two causes for fence failures fixed it should have worked but we weren’t done yet. Seems a few bovine had taken some walks through a couple simpler fences. It was getting good and dark by the time all was made right, working and I had pulled into my yard.
Something extra……………..
Had me a closed mouth visitor today what gave me absolutely no lip. We passed a few moments together upon my insistence. Even introduced the fellow to her Mostess. Minuets later this guy was on his way taking not one stick my firewood with him. {:^)
It being a long day and having seen at least one local face without a discouraging comment, I bid you all a-due. BGKC.

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Did her mostess like the snake?