Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So much to do

No truth in it “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” In bed last night by 8:00 PM up this AM 6:30. I don’t feel even one any of those just a-fore mentioned brandished benefits.
Thanks for the update on the rest of this rat pake, Betty. Rain shower here already. Just wet enough I haven't decided what, or where we're taking today on yet: shop for a while changing rotor-conditioner over for alfalfa hay cut plus timely clean a rusty wheel and prime it for a finish painted hay wagon spare use for wheel I destroyed OR get chainsaw back from Chip for day's opener wood cutting, more splitting, adding hauling and stacking.
I've two volunteers for help today. All I got to do is decide how best they may help me. I'll be my luck we'll get rained out.
Low temperatures running a late summer low night time 50's. Need that hay-wagon for last hay cut of the year.
So much to do before killing frost plus pasture clean up and fenced for ladies use.
Would you believe I'm already looking forward to the first snow fall......
It has turned into a ROTTEN DAY. Before I had even gotten my day started, two miles from here the whole day clearly went in the dumpster. A friend of mine a handsome deviled two year old bay Belgian horse, Johnny, had died overnight. SOB! I was immediately involved in funeral arrangements for a friend of mine who needn’t have died. His master penny wise pound foolish bargained with a cutter having done a sloppy cut and run castration on Johnny. Johnny died last night bleeding to death over the last ten days. It’s been far piece from a wonderful day around here.
What was left of the afternoon the 2150 MFWD Oliver had been brought home after a long summer absence parked elsewhere miles away. The machine serviced, greased and fluid levels topped off the 2150 was made ready to spread lime over another season’s hayfield planting.
This about concluded my redirected day. And whatever it was I might gotten done otherwise is still there to do tomorrow perhaps. BGKC.

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