Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School start today

We've a second year alfalfa field looking good for a another cutting. Going to check with our neighborhood expert to see if and when I can take a third cutting this late in the season with doing any healths damage to the perennial crop?
This morning's must do's includes hauling in yesterday's baling and wrapping Then about 2:00 this afternoon bale that what I didn't finish last night. Luckily we weren't rained on yesterday afternoon or evening although at rained good amounts just eight miles south of me.
Hopefully I can get back to splitting wood tomorrow. Have rick left over from last season out here. Two more ricks either seasoned or drying. And I want three and a half more cord up here by the house. I think this time as much of it I use each winter I'm going to stack most of it right off the near side the deck. Save me toting or loading/unloading Cushman backed up to the deck. Should-a been doing it this-a-way for last 15 years. Some edgamication is slow learnened.
Finally finishing the haying at about 3:45 PM I was one late puppy for lunch. Having eatened, it was crunch time to finish-up the taking of soil samples and get them into the elevator before 5:00 PM for shipment to Ohio Labs. The grounds we took the sudex off of, thinking planting winter wheat on them for cover crop and spring hay.
Samples in hand heading for the elevator, Handy hails me down for a Crossroads ride. Okay, “Hope in.” I told him, “I have to stop at the elevator first.” Turning in soil samples found out no alfalfa cutting between Aug 15th and Sep 15th. During that time alfalfa crop gathers nutrients from the air for winter hibernation. However f crop isn’t needed in dire straights it is better to leave it winter with its last growth under the snow. After Sep15th have at the mowing baling wrapping. Soooo, this season’s planting and haying dependent upon a bale counting we may or may not be done yet!
Getting back from the Crossroads Handy’s son is reported stranded in Otisville with flat tired bicycle. Getting directions from his grandmother (hard of hearing we’d learn) we were on our way. We moseyed slow through the village. Any to quickly, a body’s missed seeing it. So small a village a body nears see’s it all better if caught by the one and only traffic light. Through town twice looking for something with a big “D” on it we didn’t see the kid. Stopping by a couple his friends we finally got a handle on where he was at via another parent’s cell phone. Back into the village we went finding under a sign with something resembling “B’s” in the party store’s name.
Three whole hours chasing, I missed my rattlers on time. Having to gas Ugly I found my choice of beers. I bought three packs so’s I’d have my favorite to swill for a few days.
Get home, I still had chores, carrying the groceries, specially my beer, and all the trash to get out.
Yesterday’s finished baling .…..

Loading out the last of this morning’s baling…..

My hay yard’s finished for now…..

Northern honkers stopping by plus more joining them every day.

Only caught-up for but one evening. Tomorrow starts soil preparation and sewing seed. I think I just might like a couple winter days snowen under. BGKC.

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Donna said...

Alfalfa is good for four cuttings in Missouri, and one time we got five. That silly late freeze ruined our last alfalfa, and Cliff got tired of having to do all that haying; so I guess we're done with alfalfa hay.