Monday, September 28, 2009

Charlee Horses

Anybody know them? I reciprocated painful aggravation with a matched team pair of them. I’ve enjoyed up until now two rodeo rides a piece, each limb during the night, both of them at the waking hour. Involved with two charlee horses I hadn’t any extra time to entertain a less physical night-mare.
Wherever I was out back I could see smoke spiral-ling towards the heavens before drifting. That smoke was the finishing touch indicating the house was cozy warm inviting. It was home were I waned to be on a Sunday afternoon instead of on a firewood pile. Next time ,Chip, ever has another overly ambitious idea liking this last one putting limits on his ambition and if there’s any deception I’ll be suggesting he puckering up.
Still dark out, the day shorting I don’t want see if it its raining again. I’m getting all so sore putting up with the painful joints I don’t remember taking out any sums such annoying subscriptions
The last two days stepping out with an extra shirt made for a pleasant day’s start, only to become a curse unable to take it off to fall’s hest and back chilling breezes. It’s bee ideal peemoanyeah weather sure.
As tired as I am this unsolicited fire wood harvesting push I’ve still got me three more trees about the farmhouse, barnyard, and old wood-yard to split and neatly stow away.
That last wood pile, seen last in the journal pics, I set my foot down as all my wife sized firewood’s had been hauled away without so much as any disgustion as to what I wanted out of the forced inconvenience.
The brightest light this whole thoughtless ordeals beginning is I may take a mere half hour to reset the rest the fence so that I may once more turn the ladies out on this ground, where at least, at least, at least a half acre of forage has ALSO been thoughtlessly destroyed. Why?
Five/six more days pasturage is equal to at least two winter bales per day feed saved for later feeding in-on the snows and occasional mud’s.
I don't take being inconvenienced easily. Now that what was supposed to have been my wood hauled away, I get to re-cut for myself later. So much for next winter’s stockpiled firewood. Somebody must surely see my point of view thoughtlessly inconvenient in a wholesale manner rather than in a more convenient controlled manner.
Darn it! Anyone who fails to see my side and imagines I'm wrong......PUCKER-UP!
And if some don't want to hear more about what more this episode has pizzed me off don't ask!!!!!!!!
PS: I’ve never asked anybody to cut my firewood for me! This has been the first case I’ve asked for correctional help to correct an unsolicited bad situation, not to mention the loss of forage.
Looking out we had rain last night. Sun’s shinning now. I’ve got to check on Tom. Might be he’d rather feel ill in my company rather than staying at home. I need to make up a care package for him as I don‘t think he‘s eating right. Somehow got to fit in a whole bunch postponed little repairs before they turn into big ones. And a big plus, want to do a final clean up this unsolicited wood chopping mess, and lastly if there’s still time under today’s sun reset a bit of fence. Could sure use some of that recycling moisture over Lake Michigan today here tomorrow. Could be just the medicine to perk up a matted mass of clover and grass pasturage
*Morning written.
*Evening written.
The sun shine didn’t last long. As soon as Tom had gotten here, we set about bringing out the Cushman and splitter. I headed for the first cut up farmyard tree, Tom parking the wood hauler along side. Tom’s splitting he threw the pieces directly in the trailer. Me, I kept him feed with the wood blocks. Before we were scarcely into it the sun had vanished and before we were done splitting liquid sunshine had made its opening presents known. Rather than bump heads against the inevitable wet elements we parked the wood hauler between the already established wood piles for latter’s stacking. We jumped in the truck and moseyed down to the shop where I measured muffler inlets, two and one quarter inches standard.
The rains having set in for what looked like the rest of the day we called fun-over on account of rain.
After lunch, the rains seemingly letting up Tom and I delved into some dangerous thinking. We were to eventually come back here and rob a door glass out of my last truck, a more most economical ride*, and put it into Ugly’s most drafty hole. Wasn’t exactly either easy or hard. Was just one of the those endeavors it merely takes patience to complete. Interestingly enough we had only completed the task and putting the tools away about the time we were on the short side of getting deluged in some steady rain again. Getting late we called and fed the ladies in the hollow before my returning Tom home.
Then as it was my looking forward to a warm fire on the hearth I still had the trash to get out and some wood brought in. The bringing in the wood part is the most difficult my being totally unprepared. It doesn’t help Frieda’s inability to keep up with me her part lessing more and more each advancing year.
Well, while I’m wishing I’ve two laundry loads going, have cut some boxes for condensing them, end exchanged the outer door’s summer screen for the winter storm window. Yep, them old wooden combinations sure aren’t what they ought to be. This one is only 63 years old and I’m thinking replacing it? If it were only 36” wide, we’d both be happier. I’d build a new door if the lumber were only gold plated for the price!
Now I’m wondering what’s for supper? Hungry I wonder if I can wait out the sleep what wants to consume me all my aching bones before whatever it may be I could just possibly miss? BGKC.
*A most economical ride, light ¾ ton 4x2 auto drive, PS, PB, 267 cu. in. V-8 engine re-power, 1987 Chevy drive.

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Paula said...

Yeah I know those horses. Sorry you had to rodeo with your's. Guess you're okay though you were long winded in this entry.