Monday, September 14, 2009

I haven’t decided…….

Today Tom and I tidied up the 4-180 and the work site. 4-180’s attention involved putting gear lube back into the gear case. Rather than dribbling, on nervous edge I set up the pressure system-ing upon the source can and put the air to it at about 7 to 10#’s pressure to transfer the required 80-90 # oil. Get this, the oil transfer went through a gear case vent with out its breather cap. While the oil was pushed we installed fuel tank, plus fueling same tank, and the cab mounts bolted down. It had been a good first half day.
The second half to get the job done I used the loader backhoe. Trying to start it the a$$holes using digger last night run the machine bone dry out of gasoline. Wonderful I got in some exercise for a lazy man toting gas one end the equipment yard to the other. The ignitioning system refusing to work I found a loose nut on the starter solenoid, not me, a genuine nut. This required going for tools. All in all I was having a wonderful afternoon. Oh, all this dig required my digging out a rotted off gate post. I’m happy to say it’s set and backfilled. I’ll finish the electrical come morning.
Getting home I had to sit down. Big mistake. It was Hell a few minutes later I had to get up and do my chores. The ladies out here required a hay bale. The first of the season and it isn’t even fall yet. We could sure use some rain to enliven and refresh the pastures out here for the month of September. The Ladies are mind readers. I hadn’t given them a hay bale all summer, up until today, and they were on their way. I took in a bale-ring out and went for the bale. They kept right on coming about to meet me before I got back. Sitting the bale down here come the nutty bull. He’s got to break it up. He’s bouncing the 1500 # bale around off his head. How the Hell was I supposed to put the ring feeder down over the bale. His taking one and only one miserable break, at that moment I had wheeled the tractor around spiking both bale and bale ring picking our combined mess up and setting the combo flat on the ground. The bale contained. The ladies bushing and shoving as if they were attending a January white sale, I didn’t look back. I drove out of the barnyard, closed gate ,and picked up another hay bale for morning delivery the farmyard in the hollow.
Supper finally gotten to me at 8:30 PM, the sun way down. New challenges are already coming to light in my mind for tomorrow. We got problems with hydraulic control cable on the 4-180 now. Alls cables are supposedly working tonight except one. I may have to get out my rubber hammer and beat that one into submission. Why rubber hammer? I don’t want to leave any tell tale abusive marks upon the tractor that’d betray me a machine beater.
.....yet, I'd guess I'd had a good long day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

John will drop the hay ring on their heads if they don't move. He hasn't killed one yet. lol