Monday, September 7, 2009

I labored I did

With Tom's help wood split this AM. Maybe two Ugly pickin'-up loads. Ground feed and it was time for Tom to tell me he had to party. I ate a couple hamburgers for lunch. The WD45 hooked to old #7 AC hay-rake we raked the 50/50 hay. Then went straight to baling the last of the Sudex. Was to bale two hay fields, only my light diminished to only a hour’s left. No lights to finish or come home by it were time to quit. Besides, my mental and physical energy was about burned out. I almost made my goal even with help's desertion. Come morning baring any more surprises I’ll finish second field’s cut, haul all the bales in and wrap them even if it be alone. I hope everybody’s made a good day of it today. BGKC.

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