Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I miss her already

While loading, moving, shipping my cow and calf yesterday I never gave her absence today would bother me. Between the season’s end, her calf aged enough for weaning, and she were only a half a cow it were time she had to go. And going she did to the livestock exchange yesterday. What is it about a pain in the a$$ while your stuck with it you get used to it being there. Have it go away and it’s an odd companion you can’t help missing. Well while she’s gone I can rollup the fencing around the house and get back to driving all over my yard. Got a few wild weeds nobody got rid of for me. Got to clear it away for bringing home the winter’s fire wood. And open the yard for tractor’s moving snows.
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I got to set this down, a few moments of pure unadulterated pleasure. Standing in line, so to speak, at the drug store. My yesterday’s amblings I happened upon a couple beautiful blonds. One standing by, the other engaged in conversation with the clerk behind the checkout counter. I spoke to first one in conversation of my own. “Would you like to talk to me?” (I can be a bold Devil,) and she shock her head no. Undaunted I pressed our meeting, “That’s good.” I agreed with her initial impression of me, “Good, You shouldn’t talk to strangers,” hesitating a moment in my speech, my doing all the talking, “And I’m one of the strangest of them all.” Oww those pretty deep pooled eyes of hers were just a melting cupids pointed tail off the very bottom of my heart. I continued, “Of course you don’t play near the street. You mind your mother. And you brush your teeth at bed time.” At last I got the biggest wide opened smile showing me all her glistening pearly whites. It was about here the talkative blond engaging someone else finally turned and giving me notice, Her eyes sparkling her whole being smiling brightly, she had said, “Thank you!” and as they had turned and started to walk away, I spoke again pointing my speech to the younger lady of the two, “I may just be checking on you. Maybe I’ll even see you in December.” and I winked at her mother (the Devil making me do it). Then the proud Mom saying to her daughter walking away, “I guess you had better be good.” A chance morning intercourse with two lovely blue eyed blonds was just another highlight even on the outer fringes of my Shorthorn country.
Of all things, yesterday’s afternoon becoming to late to get into dragging tools out to work upon the 4-180 White, our more or less leaning on it, Bro’s says to me, “How’d it look painted two tone dark and light green?”
I suggested, “In those colors might better install an Oliver grill on the front of it?” Ha Ha Ho Ho He He!
Picked Tom up this early AM. Came home to hay ladies in two lots. While when I hooked up flat rake hay wagon my going to move it Ugly’s brakes went completely/totally out. Ehhhh…so, acting as if we knew exactly what we were doing we went right on ahead unloading the salt feeder I been trying to get off that wagon for some time. Spotted a few yards away from the water fountain now I may mix salt and let the ladies have it.
Then as sure as there’s got to be first things first. That salt feeder no sooner hit the ground and I was scolded for not havin’ brought it home loaded. It’s no wonder cows are called, Boss.
Then Tom wondering how we were going to get down the road? I told him driving/riding Ugly. Tom giving with one of the uh? looks unbelieving as he looked at me, I explained, “Its no different than knowing how far a tractor coasts before coming to stop.”
“You taking the wagon?” he asked.
“It’ll slow us down going up hills.” I reasoned.
“What about going down the other side?’” he worried.
“We got to get to the top first.” I reasoned.
“And, what about going down the other side?” Tom repeated, and continued to worry.
“Well I guess we just have to coast then,” I assured him, “ and keep an eye on a soft spot in a ditch if we should need one.” What a worry wart?
On the road Tom worried all of the first ¾ mile, especially our approach the first cross road. So worried he pulled a Barney Rubble on me, his left foot firmly planted upon Ugly’s running board Tom was busy pressing his right food against the gravel road as if his foot was doing any good braking the truck and wagon. I know he didn’t know what he was doing? Ugly ain’t got no running boards! So worried about the truck’s impending failure to stop short the intersection he jumped off Ugly to run ahead and stop cross traffic in the intersection.
(A chuckle here) When Ugly had coasted to a comfortable stop short of the intersection, leaving Tom standing without any traffic to direct, he gave up and accepted I knew how to handle an unstoppable mechanical beast.
In front of the shop, cardboards littering the driveway Tom and I took turns getting down under trying with great difficulty to remove a rusted out brake line of the proportioning valve GM wisely placed in the vehicles frame making it conveniently near impossible to get at. My getting nowhere first, smart a$$ Tom showed me how it was done.
Bro’ going one way for brake-line, my going t-other using van also with brake problem it certainly was a day for slow driving. I took Tom home, his horse about to be gilded today. I had lunch, went back to put Ugly back together again cussing the fitting in all the way. Bled lines by self and used Ugly to bring me home.
AND, while we having all sorts of fun at Ugly’s insistence we managed to make another pulling tool that as yet hasn’t worked out for freeing up the 4-180’s stuck remote cable. We also made squirt more and more oil in that stubborn cable, as well as oiling the tractor’s frozen window hinges.
Had anybody suggested I have a good day when it had been 80% of the time rotten one I just might have rudely liked to tell’em to pucker-up! (smile) And this wasn’t the end of it. Getting home there was no demanding Cow needing taken care of. Arrggghhhh! BGKC.

PS: I remember giving up drinking, smoking and sex. Those were the worst 15 minutes of my life.

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