Friday, September 4, 2009

The hay push remains

First stop right out the drive fueling five cans for fueling three tractors? Two for sure.
These walls are covered in the sun’s yellow light streaming in the windows. How lovely to look at, cozy and warm impressions for morning eyes to wake up to.
Anybody recommend a phsickyatwist? I got to get Chip’s head examined. While he’s volunteered to drive loaded hay wagons in, he continues to fret over the wood chopping isn’t. Sheesh, I can chop, cut, split, haul, and stack wood in the rain and snow. I won’t mow my lawn in the rain for the damage done the mower deck. The same goes for making hay. I have chopped hay under new fallen snow. And that was not easy in any way shape manner or form. From a sticky mess cutting and blowing a wet crop into a wagon to miserably pitching it out when the PTO drive can’t handle such heavy load, even a presumed light one.
Four more days “Chip.”
Bottom line, I’ve never axed, Chip, to cut my firewood.
Ho boy! I haven’t told, Chip, I’m going to cut at least one more alfalfa field as of in a couple words, “Not yet.”
The first three quarters the hay I baled today went easy enough. The last quarter, regardless what field I was in was a bear. To finish the first field I went into what I call my sneaking up on the windrows mode to bale them. I was determined I wasn’t going back. Thankfully, I project this hay making push to wind-up one way or another come Monday afternoon latest. Push come to shove to get this cutting up I’ll even stoop so low as to chance it using old number ‘7’ styled PTO driven AC hay-rake behind the WD45. It might be a slow going hay raking but I’m determined to win the last baled round!
In at a reasonable hour, I am so tired I’m hoping I don’t fall asleep in my soup. Worse I don’t even know whether it’s soup we’re having tonight. I hope I’m still awake to find out. Be even better I should remember what I ate when I drift off to ZZZZZZ’s land which is gonna be soon. Ain’t going to be night to stay up for moon burns. BGKC.

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Paula said...

You sound very tired. Hope you get a good night's sleep.