Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been a good day

Been a beautiful doubled up day in weather and mechanical accomplishments, A real feel good day. The saints preserving us I’m thinking Ill go to sleep tonight without pains tears drying my eyes out liken last night. Rattlers taken Beer:45 is only minutes away. It’s about celebration time a good day’s work accomplishments.
The saints preserving us Tom and I got that cussed brake axel back into the 4-180. To do it we had to remove the gear case cover. That off we couldn’t see a darned thin. It was then by guess and by golly we did four measures of inventive tenacity. One, I blindly worked a couple wires through the heart of the differential to hold up a fallen spur-gear. Secondly, throwing all caution to the winds, chancing flipping the tractor over, I wildly jacked up the adjacent driving axle the brake axle powers, this act freed the tires friction upon the earth. Thirdly, I while my right hand held supportive spur-gear wires, with my free left using the smallest pry bar we had in any tool box I lifted the differential enough, Tom pushing everything FINALLY slid together. In celebration we went to Mickey-D’s for lunch and a couple long tall refilled soda’s. The brakes installed, our arms tired, we called it a day at 5:00 PM. Come morning we’ll re-install the fuel tank, top off gear lube, bolt down the cab mounts, and put on the hoods.
No pictures tonight. So involved with trying to get it done, on a roll, I gave no thought as to picture taken that what isn’t in the book. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Glad your Sunday was good. Mine was too including a nice nap.