Saturday, September 5, 2009

Slow & Fast

It was a slow day’s start turned fast with an ugly “Get off it!” so to speak phone call. Bro’s heifers needed hay and he had no loader. So I had to take one from this to that end. A perfectly calm morning was about to be ruined. Tom calls, wants to play in the sand box. ‘tween Bro’ and Tom I ain’t about to get any rest. So I’d decided to let Tom mow another hay-field. That was alright in itself only Tom made five mistakes. One he didn’t wait for me. Two and three instead of using the hay-field gateway he drove over the fence. Forth he drove across the hay field subjecting himself to possibly cleaning plugs out of the mower-conditioner he was using. Fifth he drove all over the hay he’d just cut on the headlands. It’s alright crossing over the alfalfa/grass headlands hay windrows, not drive on them lengthwise.
They’re day’s it just ain’t easy teaching the finer unwritten points of farming to a younger one.
Try to avoid traffic
Okay, I live and make like I’m the hardest working individual taken it easy in the rural life. Uncomfortable driving into and around about the big city I try to satisfy all my driving needs to a couple little bergs four mile radius the homestead. And, then I got to put up with this or these thoughtless creatures thinking they own the road from an angle they approach it. I was stuck here waiting out 23 jaywalkers making a nescience of themselves just about around any corner.
Spent afternoon making what hay I could. Hauled it in and wrapped it. One side trip what Handy had taken apart the old corncrib loaded on a trailer, I delivered it to Handy’s work area.
It’s been a good day. I got in early enough to enjoy a beer. Supper was a good stir fried surprise. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Beer tastes nasty. Why don't you try a Dr. Pepper?