Friday, September 11, 2009

9-11-o9 I remember a day on hold

I remember watching and listening to Charlie Gibson, an ABC TV camera picking up on the flight of a second Airliner flying over NY city and unbelievably flew right into the second trade center sky scraper. Un real, unbelievable, I was dumb founded staying glued to my TV for a couple hours beyond my most usual time. The animals needed my attention. Tools and machines needed my attention. It seemed as I remember that day I spent my working time close into the shop quietly making fixes that allow me to listen to radio commentary. Life, the most precious gift given, It had hurt seeing them taken and denied by individuals of twisted minds so wasted to take others with them.
Most important news of the day….
Halleluiah! Joe, you’re home and resting. Take it easy, follow the doctors orders, take your medicines and eat right. If you’ve got to do something merely go out and sit beside it. That’s what I’ve done, doing things in such ways similarly liking minding my mother, way back when, like watching the dishes. Please sneak up on your old routines slowly. I’m sure they won’t be getting up and running away.
I must have had one full day yesterday. My routine is all fouled up. Have over slept by almost three hours beyond my usual. I seemed to be extra slow moving up and out this AM. Meds taken an hour and a half late means breaking fast while even be another hour later.
I know how it’s going to be. Another uncomfortable day crawling around, about, and under that 4-180 White tractor. Biggest making repairs problem is the to close proximity of the tractor drivers to close to the braking parts area. Somebody suggested removing the wheels and tires. “In his dreams” comes to mind. Tire replacements will be tough enough doing when those days come, without pushing it.
The day wound-up same-o’, same-o’, as described about with one exception, I finished up a hands washing removing grease and dirt from my hands and hide. From taking more tractor apart than originally intended. So I’d spent most my time cleaning parts. Six shims to clean and re-assembly may start shortly after I‘ve found Tom. One of us will have to hold up the brake drum while the other slides it back into place. The most difficult part of the assembly done, the rest of the assembly will be easy. All the dirty work done putting them back together again is the best part to me. Plus in this case once having the completed assembly put together to have it work as it’s intended. BGKC.

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

I remember that day, I was at work here in the nursing home and was thinking it was just a little plane that hit first and had them turn on the tv in the dining room so we could watch. Then the whole world went crazy.. what a terrible day.. I was so scared.. I knew we were at war. Being so close to NYC was even scarier..