Sunday, September 6, 2009

9-6-o9 A deserved slowen day

Today wasn’t a notably busy day. If there’s anything what messes up my daily time line is some neighborhood souls who’ve got to have me fin this, do that, and they don’t have solid list to cleanly knock of. Bro’s got to have a wire, and insulators to fix a fence he plans to contain a cow. Okay, I go. When I get there the cow’s out walking around grazing here and there. She wasn’t going anywhere. She was just hangout along a common fence separating her from her mates. So then it became my task to put her back in the pen where she was supposedly stay. So friendly she was she denied me putting a halter on her. So attuned to enjoying corn she refused to follow me my carrying her feed bucket. Did in time let her think she was leading me on a merry chase. When she went up to and inside the barn I had her. She could have just gone up there in the first place saving having to worry her back to where she rightly belonged.
Two party’s wanting soil samples, I was delegated to collect and prepare them for shipment. Bro’s backyard was like dried concrete. The Vassar road fields easily yielded their soils to my measured and addressed bags.
The girls in the hollow required feeding this evening. The sudex beyond the hollow I passed on baling it today. Another day’s drying it’ll be ready tomorrow. Must also rake the 50/50 hay field and bale it tomorrow.
Made some plans for splitting wood early tomorrow morning before it becomes hot. Lastly I fed my charges here and relaxed in a bit of celebrations mode. Popped a top and enjoying the brew lazily sliding down my throat. Great stuff these Seagram’s peach flavored Fuzzy Navel beers. I’m hooked when I can buy them. BGKC.

PS: I like these Seagram’s beers lower in alcohol content then almost any-other fermented drink. Enjoyed in moderation, as in my case, they’re better for me than a Pepsi or customary beer. Damned, they are good!

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Paula said...

I'll still stick to my Dr. Pepper. Caffeine free at that. lol