Thursday, September 10, 2009

It’s the breaks

Started the day out to move one big old none running clumsy Pettybone loader-backhoe out of one of our yards. Putting the 4-180 to it for guaranteed traction we managed to pull it out of the weeds. The hydraulic system having lost its fluid steering the monster by proxy even was impossible. Well we got it to the main drive. The steering wheels cocked to the left and unable to steer it we could go no further. It’ll need one heavy wrecker to pick it up and move it now.
While we were at it, messing around, we found the 4-180’ brakes to be non-working. The driveway blocked, The 4-180 right in front of the shop I commenced to take the brakes apart. Ann easy job really unless something has gone wrong. And enough had gone wrong enough, the brake parts didn’t come off the tractor easily. The right side the brake axel has a leaking seal; and, the brake discs lubed as they were had sometime along it’s recent life to have cooked and self destructed this side’s brake discs. Getting into the left side while no gear case lubricant hadn’t found a way into this side’s brake drum, it looks as if water had gotten, having a good time oxidizing (rusting) everything solidly together.
For parts we need one intermediately fixed iron brake disc, six replacement moving discs, three short cute little springs to hold one pair activation plates together, at least five new brake balls for that same activation disc assembly, and one axel seal for the right side. Both sides require a full take apart cleaning: dirty greased dirt right side plus use plenty brake clean. Left side requires the most new parts. A fixed disc broken, all one side’s the activation balls rusted to near un-description, three wee little brake springs tempered beyond relevant reuse, and a whole lot of cleaning to even freeing up the movement a couple related parts. Maybe we’ll have the parts we’ll need for fix beyond what are on shelf by noon. Before noon we clean parts for afternoon fix. Then 4-180 be ready to move.
Right now it is late. To late to care I was called out in the middle of the night to make fix a blue spark in a fence wire. A neighbor lady concerned over wire spark starting a fire. Anyway it’s fixed. And I’ll never get to see what I’ve never seen all my years. What we need is more experts, to uphold my bitchy mood. Maybe a picture tomorrow? BGKC.

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Paula said...

I remember Mel getting called out in the middle of the night often on his job. Sometime I would get dressed and ride with him.