Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feel good pooped

Son of an un-hitched witch, sure is nice not being controlled by medicine/medical needs. Ro appointments. I ain’t been anywhere where even a patient drug might had been displayed and sold. I even managed to get in some extra nice playtime.
Shop time saw me tinkering with this’n’that. Tinkered some the 4-180; but, spent most my time working/reworking electrically wired hard gates on the bull pens. Did some innovating two new methods putting electric fence together. Should be interesting as to how each method holds up? I’m already to bet on the last one. Should-a taken a picture or two. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.
At about our belated lunch time I mounted up the Cushman and road it over to the local Clio Fireman’s park to see the antique engine and tractor show. Rushing through, I didn’t get to see all of it. We did hit the flee marketing part of it as hard as we could looking for a 6x16 wagon wheel. So a rusty wheel can sprayed orange to make it a genuine AC wheel. Umpht! $50.00, the man was out of his mind. I hope he enjoys keeping its company. Along the way I might have gotten taken, but I don’t think so. I purchased 5 1/2x 16 rim for $10.00. Bro’ objected! I could care less, that rim properly cleaned, primed and painted will make a sold spare that’ll fit a lot of implements around here. First filling in for the borrowed wheel and tire off Ted’s tractor he’ll be needing for winter.
Took couple pictures
I spent about a hurried hour seeing half the old engine and tractor show today. Didn’t think to take pictures although I did manage these.
This is a Home Made tractor from about 1937. Some workmanship went into this HM machine.
Hey, how about the made to scale Waterloo Boy tractor. The Model T Ford is gorgeous. As was the O-12 Farmall seen further back on steel. That had to have been a real pile-driving ride.
And now two images for a…….What is it?
A Massey Ferguson tractor component. Supposedly had something to do with giving the tree point hitch down pressure. I know it’d help if I had the tractor model it was made for but that information has slipped my mind.
Son of a gun, I don’t know if I’ll last long enough to finish this journal entry……. It has been a long gratifying day. Just got in at sundown. Managed to do my chores by daylight with a tractor without lights. They something needing tending to before winter sets in what with shorter days coming like gang busters. ……Nope I ain’t going to last. My belly filled, I’m more than redy to lay it down. BGKC.

Sorry about the cut and paste. Do-it and you see all the picture.

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Donna said...

I FINALLY remembered to tell Cliff about your White tractor. Told him the model and he googled it and about fell out of his easy chair: "WOW," he said. "Now THAT'S what I call a TRACTOR!"