Friday, September 18, 2009

Golden Days

Frieda looked into yesterday, it’s been affirmed she’s living her golden pee-body years. Doc’s office swung into action making her eligible for home delivery depends-able products of a couple kinds. This wont lessen the laundry nor the trash out put around here any. She’s already been using the neighbors surpluses. It hasn’t exactly been easy on her being her OLD self these last flu-flu years. Doc unfinished with her yesterday she’s appointment-ed again today for two more procedures. A stress test and a ultrasound look into her limbs for hidden varicose veins. Here’s were I come in….
Not only am I her chauffer again today, Doc has demanded I make a command appearance his office today also for a stress test. Is this where that old phrase “Couples who play together stay together?”
About 40* here. Take extra flannel shirt along you may tie the sleeves around your waist. Temps up & down like walking between the sunshine and shade, like between the shelter of downtown buildings and the breezes from up an alley. This is that time of year for snotty nose running colds and flu like symptoms. I’m thinking about either a yo-yo or string blind like shirt easily worn and adaptable without taking it off or putting it on. Now if I can just find the pretty young seamstress I can hands on work with?
On the road first appointment stop I was on time to await four hours for somebody given the exact same appointment time, only he arrived first, My coming in second I was to wait. I asked about Frieda’s appointment it was the same story she was to also sit and wait some hours. I boiled over like a pressure cooker and gave out with a somewhat rude hissy-fit. I loudly let them know, “My time is just as valuable as your’s. I’m a farmer. I have hundred head of stock in my backyard looking to me to keep them fed. I’ve hay to get in, I’ve winter wheat ground to work and plant.” Nobody said a thing. I looked at the early bird patients. While they held their breath the gathered staff stood motionless all their moths gaping. “Well?“ I asked. I was asked if I could return at 12:00 noon for my appointment. “Then get busy,” I told them,, I expect you all to be ready for me when I return at 12:00!”
Nobody in that waiting room said nothing as I passed them. Outside I had to take my shirt off for all the eyes what had been on me burning into my back as I passed out the door. On the road again I headed for the Drug store. For my prescriptions. They hadn’t prepared them. “We’ll have them ready for you in forty minutes to an hour.” I merely said, “I hope so.” and walked out before I put my foot into it there. Two tubs of deposit bottles loaded upon the Ugly’s back for killing some expected waiting time. This was not the expected time I thought I’d have to waste we went to the newly opened Super Market.
In the superstore lobby I chucked them plastic bottles and tin cans into the waiting mouths along one wall. Two cart bottle filled using both hands I fell behind any number of times the hungry machine computer-ed brain. I had credit bottle deposit slips fly all around me through the coming and going airs as the door with their electric eyes opened and closed for patrons coming and going that lobby.
Credit slips the depth of a crooked poker deck and all the bottles the machines refused I took everything to the service counter. I was paid for all but a short dozen. My business was done there. About to pull out onto the State Rd I asked Her Mostess about her glasses. She said something about money so I turned into the direction the community’s only Aunty-Tee-M machine. A hasty withdrawal made We were headed up the road for Millington. There we paid and picked up Frieda’s glasses. We still had an hour to kill. So I turned right again. Frieda ahd showed me garage antique sale another four mile distance. Having looked the address up on the net I remembered where it was supposed to be; only, I must have gotten something wrong? So it was on back to the one-day country clinic via way the drug store. Gone 1:45 minutes my scrip’s still weren’t ready. I teased the girls behind the counter and hopped like Hell I hadn’t drooled or slobbered when a young very very-attractive brunet come up standing beside me with freckles over her nose. Mmmm, she reminded me of days so long ago, I forgot all about any more steaming. A all to short a moment later my scripts were ready my name called for me to come to the front of the lne. From there we walked right into the clinic on wheels waiting room right on the bashful face clock both its hand straight up. I didn’t even get to sit down, “Mr. G please come this way. At last somebody was having his way? But, Who? While I was tended to Frieda was shortly tended to also. Three rooms later I was in a portable cat-scan or MRI machine having my heart photographed in what would eventually be living color. Threw with me, through with both us I was to have another two hour wait for the second sitting in the four a quarter lie action internal machine. Frieda was done. I asked if I could get something to eat. That was okay. Our handicrapper parking space was just as open for us it has always had been whenever we were to dine in Arleen’s on Otisville’s main street the corner. Decaf’ coffee and a cinnamon roll big enough it was a meal in itself for me. It was a strawberry shortcake and hot tea for my Lady. And that Shortcake with ice-cream and whipped cream topping it was a plate full, and oh so yummy, my getting three bites. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Fernan you manage to cram a lot into your day, don't you?