Thursday, September 3, 2009

must been….

…..good day for me in spite what I didn’t get done. I had lived another day to have experienced another day. Laying down evening last I suffered a most uncomfortable cramp in my right calf. Before it had completely consumed me I had thought about taking a valium? Nah! Chose instead to consume a banana. They been selling locally @ $.10/#. A bargain really and should have purchased more. Been splendid deserts all by themselves. And her Ladyship the Cow charged with taking care of the yard’s trimming, she likes them also. Show Ms Cow banana peal and she’s right over.
A personally good day for me, it had turned out to also be a very good night. Once I had eatened that banana, my tummy full, my pain having been put at bay, I was off to a totally boring dreamland. Still I was all night sleeping like a log. Stirred but once seeing the clock and immediately though “Get up for what?” and easily drifted back off again only knowing a few moments ago Frieda was serving coffee. Her movement having caused me to stir, I really weren’t in any hurry to rise. I had nothing profound to say. Yup, Frieda’s so good to me…. She wants me to tak’er yard sale-ing this morning. Seems she’s gotten wind of a treadler sewing machine. This could prove expensive. Well, at least the coffee was in a cup and not in bed. {;^) While I had remained dry I considered my options to stay that a-way.
So it seems over the years whatever I wanted I’ve always managed to have it. Hmm, she doesn’t ask for much. Hmm, it might be better I see what I can do to see she gets her a treadler. Hmm so, I went about my morning routine just a might earlier than the usual. Hmm, she had even fixed my breakfast herself. Hmm, uh ugh, she was working all the angles. Hmm, and I wonder if she knew I was paying attention? Hmm, so it was I was out of the drive west early. Hmm, first things first there had to be a bank hold up, and a gas and go convenience stop if I were spend it and come back home.
Heading west I lost track where I was confusing myself as to where I really wanted to go. I found myself driving a couple miles out of my way and on the wrong road. Through a good recovery I made a couple single left and right turns and ended up right where I wanted to be. In front of where I wanted to go I asked a neighbor directions this garage sale. It were across the street.
Walking in the treadler was close enough to what Boss Lady wanted. Priced so low, I gave the lady twice what it was priced. Think I was leaving a couple bearded gentlemen almost as good looking as myself, they’d been perfect had they had a hat like mine. Dog be gone they unloaded another one then lawn trimmers I already got a hatred for. Now the one already hanging on the wall has company. The way I look at them now, one of them just might be parts for the other, at ten bucks that’s a lot of parts. Meanwhile, I have two power heads for three-four made up attachments.
Getting the real farm day going I stopped to pick-up Tom along my way. There I gas the JD loader tractor. Tom brought it home while I went ahead for some to-do’s I no linger remember. One thing sure the ladies in the hollow needed fed along our way. So we delivered hay in the hollow while dropping the wagon loader off. Further on to the shop we went we fueled diesel and gas cans, and second charged an air tank fo rthe baled tractor’s low driver tire. I’m not looking forward to fixing that. Here’s hoping that tire lasts till winter. It’d be a better inside job then than a hurried repair for a gotta get the crop in fix…
I baled hay until I could bale no more. To wet the baler refused to take it. 2:00 PM, it was dinner time. A sandwich, some juice and a glass milk I was ready to go; only, unable to move fast enough, I innocently napped for an hour and a half. Innocently I say! By the time I got back to the field a nice gentle breeze had come up helping to dry the sudex down more. So much more that sudex I couldn’t bale a couple hours earlier balled just fine late in the afternoon. So I had baled until I had quit.
About rattler time I took a few extra moments stopping off to see R.D.. Son of a gun while his eye surgery hadn’t left him with perfect or even good sight there was enough improvement he’s seeing more than he had before. It was explained he had better part time sight than he’d had before. He’s welcomed what little sight has been given him back. His wife more so has welcomed what little sight improvement has been given him back. Even better R.D.’s Mrs. seems quietly elated to see me coming. Uh, well, elated isn’t quite right either. But, I’ve tried to put the idea across.
A fair work day, getting something for my bride she wanted, feeling accomplished I was looking forward to that last Fuzzy Navel with my name on it the refrigerator. Only, it wasn’t there. Some ingrate had consumed it. Hmm, so much for having something to look forward to. (grrrrr) }:^(( Do as I say BGKC.

Something extra…… (written this morning)
Yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales; what are all these events
really about? Yard or garage sales? Has anyone actually sold or bought a yard or garage? And rummage? Poking about in somebody else’s discarded history for a so call used bargain.
Personally I’ve never seen a yard or garage I wanted to buy and move! And rummaging about in another’s life, I rather make my own history as to buying some body else’s.
All these Miss Knowmer’s?
You’ll excuse me while I prepare for some such event’s attendance in my neighborhood.

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Paula said...

I've seen some yards I would like to buy but probably couldn't keep them up if I had them.