Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Same-o haying

No wood chopping this morning. I fueled four cans for transport, three diesel, one gas. And grabbed a bucket of full oil cans. A little servicing the tractors Tom and I were off and running, me baling and he mowing. We finished up the first field almost before Bro’ and Chip had their acts together. When I had finished my part I was on the road again headed for the fields in the hollow. I had a good start by the time Tom caught up with me. I finished baling my last two rounds opening the coming and going right-a-ways for his access to more mowing again.
I had five plugs today two my fault, three the hay to wet to bale. So; gave up on that part of the fields. Baler was some entertainment today early on in the second field loosing a hydraulic cylinder bolt. That meant a shop run. Needed a ride and got hollered at for that. Is it my fault I was more interested in the haying than where Ugly was. Ugly’d be home when it were time,‘sides Ugly weren’t needed any earlier. The missing bolt replaced I was off and baling again right up until late afternoon a drive chain broke a link letting the machine come to a baling halt. Now That called for a round trip to shop for repair and a good looking the machine over for a possible cause. Never found a cause even using a maniacs ear stuffing scope. I’m wondering if that baler weren’t trying to tell me something. Only an hour’s time left Tom and I gave up on the cutting and baling. The hauling and wrapping part of our crew had already quit without asking us. So for that last hour we moved the wrapper from down yonder back up here to my place. Gotta say it, the hay-yards are looking mighty healthily filling up. Once again, I’d sure like to see a winter’s hay surplus come spring for a Shorthorn country change. It was a long day having had to twice make unplanned repairs. Well this is the way the wind had blown today. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Seems like you're going to be all prepared for winter.