Sunday, September 20, 2009

About time….

…….for a frost tomorrow or the next day. Just got to wait and see? That’s the morning the Fall season officially changes for me.
Gonna talk about this house a bit. When Frieda and I moved in it were with the barest of essentials, mattress we could easily room to room, a electric fry-pan and coffee pot what‘d work plugged in any available working outlet, a table and two chairs, my computer. When we went to sleep at night we didn’t know where we’d wake up come morning, on the only first floor or in the basement. The house had been privately condemned to be demolished. It had been considered a total loss. The foundations though full of holes in swamp marrow and sand mortar holding rocks together 18” thick worth were steady enough doing a base job holding the house up. There were so many damaged floor joist’s the windows rattled just opening a door. The basement, attic and all the walls in between were runways crawling with rats and mice. Our second day in the house we looked in the classifieds for cats. We wiped out two households their house cats and any sign what said free kittens we helped ourselves to all of them. The outbuildings were just as rodent infested as the house. I allowed free kittens homesteading and all they could catch and eat privileges.
Taking down junked plumbing, and temporarily removing the heating ducts, and electrical wiring. We replaced, doubled up, sistered and spliced all manor of floor joists until we knew where we’d wake up. Rat eatened wiring and new installed with in the walls, plus communication boxes and conduits installed here and there we got around to holing the walls for blowing in cellulose insulation them walls and then ceilings from 8” to 15” depths. The walls and ceilings covered with vapor barrier visqueen were lastly covered with another ½” drywall for 1” total. Holes drilled in back additions walls cables and cable come-alongs were installed and ratcheted on for about four years to pull those walls back in under the swayed back roof. The wooden sash fixed were needed and new aluminum storms installed. Just four seasons ago we finally got or new roof on we could walk through the house without getting rained on and our feet wet. Last summer it were the deck outside. Still got hopes for two replaced front doors this season. I do some cosmetic repairs on the kitchen floor, I’ll be ready about ready to take on that un-re-finished back room. Just a zipping along here one of these years I’ll even get a round to it painting the house. I dislike being rushed into anything. Now, about our impending trial separation……
And now two images for a……What is it?
A Massey Ferguson tractor component. Supposedly had something to do with giving the tree point hitch down pressure. I know it’d help if I had the tractor model it was made for but that information has slipped my mind.
The thing has both category I and II pins.
I'm trying to visualize it hook up in such a manner when the three point lifts this thing reverses direction thus down pressure????
Only thing left is looking into somebody's operators and/or shop manual?
Any body with a MF aught to know how it works.:)
Had restless night. When I did manage to drop off I slept in. cheese and crackers! Having a late morning start I managed some more 4-180 tinkering time.
Had heifer come up with prolapsed vulva. Difficulty getting her in the barn she kind-a let put a halter on her.
Keith coming up behind her encouraged her to follow my lead. Getting her into the barn we all decided her problem was more than we could handle. A phone call found her only five miles away, having just completed another call. She was coming in the driveway before we were even ready for her. The heifer got an epidural, six gallons of water poured into her plus a gallon of mineral oil. Then she started to bloat. This got me into helping hold the hose the vet lady’s shoved down the heifer’s throat into her stomach to ease off the heifer’s gas. Everything looking good The vet cleaned up her paraphernalia and left, before I got mine picked including the tools I used betwixt between during idle moments I had fixed one of the barn’s back doors. Bro’ had given the heifer her prescribed shots.
As I was going to say I was just picking the last of my paraphernalia up when the heifer had gone down and way down this time on her side. That stupid critter was fixing to die rather than fight to live. A cell call and lady vet was on her way back. Working to ease more gas we’d decided the heifer needed a poke in the side. For this our VERY attractive vet lady called her boss. He had told he wanted to be there when she did her first one. While we all waited for her boss man she continued preparing the critter for the poke, shaving her side, washing that side twice with that horspistol soap what leaves a body green to yeller for a whole week. Well by the time the older well seasoned vet arrived all manner of approach to the heifer’s problem was reworked, repeated, and modified. The pipe run down her throat had relieved more gas.
Some boletuses shoved down her throat. Last seen she was resting so much easier and chewing her cud. Bt the time I had gotten home later the troops had already been here cutting Spats, two cows and a calf from the heard. My help no longer needed the Cushman I went out fence riding. Trouble was light and easily fixed. Finished I let the ladies loose on better fair than they’d had been on this last week. Still best, it were nice getting in before dark. BGKC

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Paula said...

Don't ya like to watch those young lady vets work? Always something going on, huh?