Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To do’s

Now that the brake crisis is over I can get back to all those to do’s what been let slide while I was working under the 4-180 White tractor. Fences everywhere are in need of small repairs. Fence fixing becomes the most fun when the Cushman’s loaded materials and driven into use.
I’ve a whole shoulder load of instant wood chopping and stacking to do for winter. The worst part of this pressure is getting all that firewood out of the way so’s I may restring the fence wire I had removed for Chips access to a string of ash trees. This would have all been easier had he gone at the firewood harvest one or two trees at a time instead of getting into in a wholesale manner would easily been handled. He’s over doing it has now overloaded me. (long sigh here)
Actor Patrick Swayze has passed away pancreatic cancer. I’ve enjoyed seeing and listening all his works over the years. Most notable will likely be Dirty Dancing with his lovely dancing wife Lisa.
Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze were actually Virginia Gray’s virtual dance teacher’s in the movie Dirty Dancing. I think this movie will become a classic.
Some of my favorite films: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Quiet Man, Dirty Dancing, Bringing up Baby.
E-gads had Frieda got a list of catch-ups for me this AM. Had-a see pharmacist for our flu shots. Had also needed my prescriptions refilled. Need to see Aunty T Machine for a money draft. Then hit the reopened Grocery store down the highroad. I simply needed to re-supply the cat food and she’s added a whole lot of stuff right below my note. I’m hoping all this maybe taken care of before 12:00 noon.
I get caught up with the potentially alias Herr Clink, her not knowing what all I been up to lately I just might survive the day. So it goes when I can get shed of Her Mostess I had-a pick-up Tom. The bull pen needs some hot wire repairing. The remote controls on the 4-180 White tractor were need of TLC. One of us on each end, we may just pull the last of the 4-180 needs through this last ordeal.
Well, I was back home by 12:15 PM. Lunch I was all for that, and then it was of to the shop by myself. Tom’s mother suffering the agony of an infection in a compacted tooth, he stayed home. It be later this evening he had been without medication the last two weeks. Had I know that I’d have hocked Frieda’s false teeth (I‘d at least helped him get his meds, had I known). Opened shop and was invited to go along to scrap yard. Having so much to do I tried side stepping the invitation. Ah, what the Hell, a ride to and from the scrap yard isn’t exactly heavy work around here. So I went. Bro’ had gotten wind of an available supply of ½” thin-wall tubing. There we picked some of that up as well as a supply of varied diameters of all threaded rods, most in 10” lengths. All thread comes in so handy for making that bolt we ain’t got on a Sunday, or that needed bolt 2” longer the industry standard, or new stay bolts for wooden stepladder repairs; and, we got a number of step ladders in need repair. About the only thing I did manage to fix around the place was the bull pen hot wire. Hen lastly I hayed the forgottened ladies down the road. They were quite nice about it. Not one of them had said a derogatory word or sign about it.
Other distractions I’ve got to put up with.
…..and going.
Kids are welcomed around the Foxfire Farms. Here they see what we do and they learn what’s involved in farming. These are a couple high school girls in the neighborhood. BGCK.

PS: A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Donna said...

I keep intending to tell Cliff about your White tractor, but it's been so busy around here, I haven't had the chance.