Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work load lightened up

Just watch current work load lightened up around here, become real heavy I start a project my own, something will come up to help foul up the rest of the normal farm routines. Like I need maybe three days to make physical door changes front of house, something else will come up. Never fails. Taken my time this morning analyzing the sitssheation over another cup of coffee, I might better make an announcement as to my intentions.
I gotta be careful voicing any intentions, I’ve learned the hard way. Last time I did that without even opening my mouth first got me a life’s sentence. I’m knowing the hard way even just thinking can get a feller in trouble. Kind-a like all those seductive scenes stepping up behind a purrty lady; some breathin’ upon an ear, a little nibble upon an earlobe, a lite lip’s caress upon a neck; one thing leading to another for one more trouble making starter.
I been studying behaviors all my life, to finally ascertain it isn’t any harder to get into trouble with an old girl as it was with her as it was when she were a younger one.
Holly’s on her way out of here. I’ve had it, specially last night. She’d been outside for some hours. The moment she came in she id everything on the floor. I go to discipline her and I’m bit multiple times both hands. This morning my left hand looking like a baseball glove. I hadn’t said a thing. Frieda’s decided the bitch has got to go. I’m sure glad of that. Her former mistress is coming to pick her up this coming Saturday. While I hadn’t said a thing when I was out of her sight I did do a wee bit of a jig.
Today worked out to be a real grind. Making cell calls a couple the 4H kids gave me a hand handling the equipment, supplements, blocking up and chucking the wheels on the ground feed wagon. That’s about all I did today. Hands already infected I laid off getting them dirty. Tried soaking them in hot water before moon. Seemed of little help. Poured hydrogen peroxide over my hands all the afternoon into evening. They’s beginning to feel better. After Morning’s PT, Doc next door is getting two visitors. Frieda, cortisone shots in her heals, antibiotic’s for me. I could sure use another Fuzzy Navel, only I’m afraid I could get addicted to those things. I’ve already had more than my share a bout with alcohol when I was still classed an up and coming drunk on my way up to alcoholism some years ago. I guess it’ll have to be a caffeine free root beer.
A disappointing day from beginning to end, I’m tired. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Well I don't know what a Fuzzy Naval (did I spell that wrong?) is but I've sure got myself hooked on Vanilla iced coffee.