Monday, August 3, 2009

Different wake up

I arose without a pain this AM. Well almost. Just a wee bit of discomfort over the left eye I managed to massage down and out alleviating a temporary sinus condition.
What to do today? Maybe some of that what was spoken of yet left undone yesterday may be done today?
“Loving without kissing is like fishing without bait.” author unknown to me. J And how I do like kissin‘. J
Whatever it was I did today I had finished it by 8:00PM including supper. Now let’s see, I ran the fences and gave the ladies another pasture. Researched Fillis’s cloths dryer, copied numbers, checked internet. That was a near loss. Whirlpool is the best at offering home repair advice. So far the rest of the manufactures suck. I could be on my own this repair job? Took look at Fillis’s lawn mower. Today Yup, it leaked gasoline, as reported. Took note from area leak was coming from. Gasoline drained. Started dis-assembly. No visible leak found. What was found was gobs of silicone and a badly beat up carburetor gasket. Don’t make sense. Gasket is between carburetor and air-cleaner. But then there’s a priming bulb in the air-cleaner. Could be damaged gasket off center some five holes as culprit. Best part is the worst part. The cussed mower’s a Craftsman with a Tecumseh motor. Now there is a total loss product straight off the sears retailer floor. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Well I'm not very mechanically inclined to know what you're talking about but I'm sure glad you woke up without much pain.