Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One wee goof

Goofed off a wee bit one Sunday afternoon and now a-feared I'll never catch-up? Must convert rotary-mower over to sudex cutting-conditioning. One last hay field to mow with mower conditioner. Must check on Clover field, bale if at proper 35% moisture levels, immediately haul in and wrap. Otherwise like yesterday I’ll be looking for something to do.
Oh yeah, yesterday I Cut, baled clover sampling, baled a brome grass field, hitched a ride home for ugly and wagon, got distant neighbor to load my wagon with day’s baling, hauled 11 bale full load in, wrapped it, and momentarily checked out last Friday’s yard sale $1.00 (buck) debt via inflation had grown to $5.00 (sawbuck) by Monday. Seams we got our own banker on our Shorthorn country road.
Saw biggest individual yard sale ever equal to department store preportions. I saw everything sept grocery’s. I saw tables with snacks store personal were obviously consuming, I may only assume we’re biting deep into yard-said profits. Business brisk: cash and carry, layaway, and credit sales have kept the fun’s rolling in. I saw clothing, books, electronics, sporting goods for old Duffers, motorized estate equipment, two passenger go car transportation, furniture, glassware, and much more. I may have seen essentials for framing and hanging relatives. And, its been said justice isn’t always equal?
Quoting Bob Barker, “Come on down!”
Now onto my Shorthorn country day:
Neighbor kid came to house early to earn some money stacking my winter fire wood what’s been scattered all over the front yard since Spring’s first thaw. Must have been to much for him. Less than half hour later he was gone without so much as a, “By your leave.”
Myself not hanging around to see what was next I was on the road for the shop to reconfigure the rotary-conditioner for sudex. With Toms help it took no longer than usual. But was nice having somebody else to blame all my failings on. (snicker) The machine reoriented I thought about a sandwich. Turned out to be two hard boiled eggs, a roll and cookie with milk chaser.
On the road agin other direction I near had thirty bales rolled up before Tom had first wagon loaded and out of their. When Tom had finally taken off Ugly ran out of gas turning into Bro‘s yard. I asked, “Been sight seeing?” We managed one more load. Three more to go come morning. Second cutting these fields better than the first. Pushing 40 bales. Go figure? Finally got home 7:00 PM. Been a long day. Still one more field to bale. My evening’s my own after chores. 7:30 Supper time. And preformed a fruitless mouth to mouth necessitation on a fuzzy navel. My effort semi-rewarding from my view point it still finished its last day’s existence an empty hearted dead soldier. Quarter to nine, my sleepy time. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Its next to impossible here too to get even a kid to work at a small job. They have a yard sale down here that is miles long (I forget how many). Everyone along the route just joins in.