Friday, August 14, 2009

8-13-o9 Wednesday as a long hay day

"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art." Stanislaw Lec
We were supposed to have used two mowing machines, yesterday. I was supposed to start out first with a small ill-shaped ten acre turn-around piece. Bro’ was supposed to move onto second field breaking it in ahead of us both mowing parallel to but toward each other to finish the field in an easy time. Yeah right.
Taking off with the old mower-conditioner for the ten acres, I found the first round still wet with dew before 1:00PM. Called Bro’ with my finding, went to lunch. Went back to mowing ten acres at 2:00PM. Mower started squealing. No, no, no, I knew what it was. There was but one bearing in the whole machine what made that noise. No, no, no, it could not be. Halfway through the third field braking round a drive chain had came off. That machine was done. I traded it for the new rotary-conditioner. The ten acres started earlier I had to finish it before moving on.
Going onto the second field we were both supposed to mow together I started alone breaking it in continuing on alone. About the time it were between afternoon and evening I needed a break. Getting ride back to shop for Ugly. Ugly and I picked up Handy, and we all went to super market. Bro was already there. Seeing him was interesting three guys picking up the groceries the need to eat, and buying gas down the street, the shopping spree short was over. Getting back I took up mowing from where I had left off and did so until the magic hour the evening dew had set in. Bummer, It turned out not to be the mowing ending I had seen us plan. I was all done with but eight acres to go.
Home with daylight to spare I bottled the calf and grained the mama cow. Coming in I grabbed a beer. Remembering the laundry I had tended twice already I put it in to dry. Then the beer tasted oh so good it getting dark before I had finished it along with my supper.
And my healing hand, having favored it all day on the tractors steering wheel, it is now sorer than all cramping Hell at 5:00AM this very morning. The swelling havin’ gone down it is still a bit sore and still not all that comfortable to try and squeeze and rub the cramps out of it. Uuu eee, ahah tig tang alala walla big bang, I is hurting. Not the kind of hurting enough for a valium and to early for another beer to close to the last, I guess I’ll think about all the terrific sex we enjoyed in the past. Uh, la la!
Thursday is going to be longer hay day. BGKC.

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