Monday, August 10, 2009

Did you ever….

“Ever wonder where the daylight sparkle in your head light went when a cop has pulled you over to tell your headlight’s out. Personally, I have always wondered where it went?”
And, I don’t want anybody telling me not to get philosophical these warm weathered days. Save it for under the snow.
My rebuttal! What’s a guy to do nursing an infected wing he don’t want to get dirt in all the ventilating holes he’s had punctured a dog’s hard way? So tell me!!!
Ding Dong The Bitch Is Gone
Sandy, Holly’s kennel mistress has come and taken her angel from Hell back home with her. Whew, I’m glad that’s over.
Hearing nothing of son I called his hospital today. He’s better in one way, loosing ground a couple others. I’m not sure what to think. My Hope for his recovery is my/our only option. Not making sense anymore, I had better quit. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I think I hear a sigh of relief over Holly. Some dogs just don't fit with some people. Prayers for your son.