Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In defense of BEES

I want to rant in defense of genuine bees. Let somebody get an insect sting of any kind it seems 90% of the time a bee is the receiver of another bad rap. SO THIS NO RANT! I'm merely a friend of BEES, some hornets and yellow jackets, yea and wasps as well. I have to deal with all these guys everyday-everywhere I go anywhere/everything I either pass or come in contact with. BEES, I leave alone. they're just making a living like I am. Hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps are everywhere. We as humans must be aware, become aware. Where there is one there’re two and more. I get along with wasps, my moving slowly about them. There’s no way I can possibly kill, murder all of them I come vicinity in contact with them. They hang under my eves, mud dabbers build their caves in the rafters, paper wasps either build large communicable housing, many looking for a better way tie what looks like a ball in or under things.
I see one stinging insect, I back off and watch until I have a real sense of the area of who, what kind of arse stabber I got to deal with. Bees I let them do their thing, however do they hover within a blossom is beyond me. I haven’t got anything I can move as fast as their wings. Okay, I ain’t got wings. There are ground bees and wasps. Wasps I back away from leaving them alone, unless? Ground bees are those great big jumbo sized bumble bees, I’ve shown my children how to catch and hold in clasped hands for their palm tickling antics. BEES are so easy to get along with! Just don’t pinch them!!! We need Bees and honey BEES. The rest of the critters with the fire emitted there disturbed arses I have to live with. Their everywhere, under the house and out buildings eves. They hang out under the varied undersides of farm equipment. I’ve provided them with scenic mobile living and travel using the tractor wherein they’ve taken up residence in or under the hood, implements too. Up and down the roads, fields they’ve been my traveling companions. I simply can’t wear quicksdraw holsters packing both short ranged or long ranged aerosol cans of insecticides.
I may also not want to see harm come to any these insects, as they assist real bees pollinating the blossoms from hence our fruits, vegetables, and other foods come from. It takes patience to stand and let some of these critters check/examine us, often times looking for drink the moister our bodies perspire. And it doesn’t help if some folks don’t like these hot arsed guys will wear the damn-est bright colored clothing imitating the look of blossoms: or, How about all those sweet smelling people who rather wear a stinking cologne as to being just plain cleanly washed. Perfumes and toilet waters smelling like flowers is an open invitation for all these a-fore mentioned insects to simply come and check these individuals out.
Now for you guys super sensitive to these a-fore mentioned stings, keep you medications and benedryls handy. Fro the rest of us Adolph’s meat tenderizer made into a past works dabbed on the sting bite draws well. Have been put onto toothpaste more recently. Works well also and a durn bit more convenient.
So.....Until this evening…..when I regularly post.......

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Paula said...

Yes as I said in my entry a few minutes ago God did a wonderful job putting everything together.