Thursday, August 6, 2009

fouled up good

It was like this. Chores done of-course, drove to PT, went Doc’s office had only to come back 3:15PM, stopped druggist for more peroxide their giving me dropper and smaller bottle so’s I’m not wasting the stuff, and went out to breakfast.
Sitting in Arlene’s restaurant-ee window I think I saw more late model Jeeps than all the other makes of Utility like vehicles combined. These ones kind-a make think of that sorry looking H3 with all the fat door and window post so thick a passenger can’t see out. Not so these Jeeps from wherein a body may see the passing world as it rolls along.
Home we bathed my hand with droppered peroxide and wrapped my paw in an Epson salts socked hand towel covered with a bread wrapper. A little soaking and we were on the road again. Frieda was going to give blood. “Was” is key word here. While her blood was fine last time, she was denied participation this time. She gets nothing out of these sacrifices but a comfortable feeling she may have helped keep somebody alive. Denial reason, her association with me. Wow! The Red Cross sure knows how to hurt a guy. Just because “EYE” had hepatiteass (hepatitis) almost 50 yrs ago, her extract is no longer good????? Was for years. Even a few months back! Now if she wants to contribute she must get an un-deferment from RC headquarters.
Went TSC for milkreplacer, cat food, inner tube, SMV sign, and cat wormer. Getting back it was more dribbling peroxide on my hand’s punctures and wrapped it in a nuked Epson salts soaked towel. Got to wait a while till Doc’s ready to take us in. Meanwhile just breathing upon left hand it screams abuse. I know it hurts, I’m attached to the other end of it. It’s to bad I can’t vulcanize them punctures.
Made Doc’s office on time. We sat in the waiting room for only a few minutes. We were just making a couple new friends when we were called in. Let it be known when we go Doc’s office together it’s a two fur deal. Shown our cubical we got to sit for hours. Actually Frieda sat while I laid out on an adjustment table. That passed me a couple easily slept hours. Cheapest place in town where a fellow’s room rent’s Medicare paid.
We’re eventually looked at. I got swabbed. Both shot up, I in my arm, Frieda in her heel. I’m given two prescriptions one the insurance company denies payment. Frieda’s also another prescription her insurance not yet activated isn’t paying for. Now, I’m waiting to see what tomorrow may bring? BGKC.

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